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The Healthy Eating series of articles is made available to you to help inform you about a range of topics around food that many of us don’t generally know. This content is focused on a how your food is your medicine, and your medicine is your food (to quote Hypocrites).

These articles cover subjects including choosing the right food, benefits of healthy eating for children, effective weight control, balanced nutritional, and the benefits of a Vegan and a whole food diet just to name a few. These articles are shared here to give you more information about various choices and making the right decisions for you based on your specific goals.

As this information is general in nature, we encourage you to keep in mind we are unable to take into account every individual’s particular health needs or circumstances. We suggest that you speak with your trusted Doctor or Physician before commencing any particular diet or eating plan.

These articles explore various dimensions of healthy eating and nutritional best practice including the various benefits which could be experienced in your life as a result of following them. There is so much more for this in an adult’s life, however, much of the information is targeted purely at the benefits of healthy eating for children. This is important, but you need to put your own dietary life jacket on first if you want to help your kids. 

I have found that in my personal life, following a diet with good nutritional founding helps me to feel more energetic, cleaner, mentally clearer, and generally healthier and happier than I had before taking this level of care of myself.

The Healthy Eating series of articles looks in to a range of questions that have been asked by our audience such as:

  • Are there connections between raw food and weight loss?
  • What is an alkaline diet?
  • What foods are alkaline?
  • What are alkaline foods good for?
  • Is seaweed safe to eat?
  • Is seaweed good for weight loss?
  • What are the benefits of healthy eating for children?
  • Should I plan a detox before diet changes?
  • What is the best food for eyesight improvement?
  • What are the benefits of an alkaline diet for diabetes?
  • Are there really benefits from a raw food diet for cancer?
  • Are there links between processed foods and heart disease?
  • Are there really links between fast foods and health problems?
  • What are electric foods?
  • What are the benefits of high vibration foods?

Please keep in mind that the information you will find here does not take in to account your individual situation, and it is only general in nature. The articles here are intended for information purposes and do not seek to replace medical advice. 

Should I Plan a Detox Before Diet Changes?

Should I Plan a Detox Before Diet Changes?

Have you ever considered doing a detox before diet changes are implemented? It's better to clean your internal system so that it can work more efficiently. You would be surprised at the benefits that doing a detox can bring. Detoxifying the body will  help to remove...

5 Best Weight Loss Juice Recipes

5 Best Weight Loss Juice Recipes

There are so many amazing juice recipes out there. We have selected 5 of the best weight loss juice recipes to share with you and included some of the benefits. Drink juices to get vital nutrients when dieting to ensure that you won't feel tired and lifeless. Fruit...

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