Experience Sea Moss today

Natural Sea Moss

Bringing you our natural Sea Moss, this amazing marine vegetable can offer so many opportunities to enhance you meals. As a Vegan alternative to gelatin, natural Irish Moss Seaweed is a blessing from way back when.

There are some considerations to make when sourcing your sea moss. One that we would encourage is to avoid sea moss that is not sustainable ocean harvested. Many wildcrafting practices are destructive, and they do little to give back to the environment.

Sustainably Ocean Harvested

Collagen-for-Vegans-from-Seaweed-sea-moss. Natural Sea Moss.
We love a good looking batch of Sea Moss. Find this image on Instagram.

If you’ve been around sea moss for a while, this may be something that challenges your beliefs, and that’s ok. What I urge you to do is dig deeper into the seaweed farming industry and learn more about natural sea moss that is ocean harvested using sustainable techniques.

Forgotten for a long time, this was once relied upon by the Irish during the trying times of the 1840’s where potato blight hit, and there was the resulting potato famine.

Today, sea moss has made something of a resurgence through the attention brought to it by some notable people in the public eye. If it hadn’t been for Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes sharing this gift with Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Darrington Bowman, then many of us wouldn’t know of it.

For us, sea moss features in almost every meal, drink, and snack that we can get it into. Not only that, but we use it in a range of topical applications too.

Did you know that sea moss is great for helping firm your skin up? I even use sea moss gel after brushing my teeth instead of a commercially made mouth wash. It’s helped me with soothing gum irritation and the occasional bleeding that some of us can see when brushing our teeth.

Made from naturally dried sea moss, this keeps in the fridge as a gel for anywhere up to 3 weeks. Easy to make, and easy to use, it’s as versatile as you’re going to get.


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