Raw Recipes

Cooking raw food recipes sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but, it really isn’t. If you take the word ‘cook’ and think about controlling the heat rather than not using any heat at all, then you’ve got it.

Raw foods are those that have not been exposed to temperatures higher than between 92º Fahrenheit and 118º Fahrenheit (which is approximately between 33° Celsius and 48° Celsius). This varying in temperature ranges can change depending upon the diet.

Most raw food diets and recipes are centered around organic wholefoods. This isn’t something that is necessarily exclusive to organic produce, but organic is much better.

Cooking Raw Style

The way we look at it, you can either pay the Farmer today, or pay the Pharma tomorrow. Our view is to go for organic where we can get it so we have the best level of nutrients available.

Not meaning uncooked and unpalatable, you’ll be amazed at how good these foods can taste when you take care of controlling the heat. This helps to preserve the energy and life force that is in the food.

If you get a chance to take a look at some Kirlian Photography of fruits and vegetables, you’ll understand why avoiding high heat and staying below the ranges stated above matters.

Keeping your food’s life source intact is what sets it apart from cooked and effectively dead. Staying raw is staying alive. This way you get the very best of what nature has to offer you. Let us know what types of recipes you would like to see included in this category.

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