Sugar Free Recipes

How is it possible to make something that is normally sweet tasting without using any sugar? Did you know that sugar free doesn’t have to mean tasteless and fun free? Quite the opposite.

Sugar has a tendency to cause a range of biological changes that aren’t that great for you. There are alternatives that allow you to still have the necessary sweetness to match the recipes you know and love. And what is best is these aren’t harsh on the body like processed sugars.

Cooking Sugar Free Style

If you haven’t seen That Sugar Film, we would recommend it. Understanding the impacts that sugar can have, particularly in high doses, will shock you. Sugar shock! No joke…

Fast foods are typically loaded with sugar. The impacts of this we are seeing all around us. Many people have suffered as a result of the dietary choices they have made. And all too often, these haven’t been conscious as the foods have been marketed or made in such a way that the sugar content is not completely understood.

Our aim with these sugar free recipes is to give you some options to keep the familiar sweet option around, but make it a healthier option by comparison.

The types of things we choose to use for sweeteners can range from maple syrup, agave nectar, lakanto (which features in out Mint Panna Cotta), Stevia, and honey.

What do you use when you want to have a sugar free option? Are there any sugar alternative recipes you want us to see if we can engineer? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

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