Vegan Recipes

Many people who haven’t tried Vegan food tend to think that the options stop at a bowl of salad. But if you take a look at any Instagram posts that have shots of Vegan recipes and dishes on them, you’ll soon see that they are an explosion of colorful, plant based excitement.

Many of these dishes contain a complementary mix of fruits, vegetables, seed and nuts that have all been magically crafted into something that you would swear could never be made without animal products like milk, cheese, yogurt or cream. And that’s not even going near the options that you would think are eggs and meat!

Cooking Vegan Style

The sorts of simple things that you can make using only plant based ingredients include everything from poached and scrambled eggs, red velvet cake, chocolate, panna cotta, lemon cheesecake and more. Yes, you read right, these are amazingly simple and completely plant based.

If you’ve ever struggled with the idea of transitioning from an animal based diet to a plant based diet, we’ve got you covered. Having taken the journey ourselves, we know how hard it can be giving some things up. But it’s not about suffering deprivation, it’s about finding options that you’ll most likely agree sit better with your body, and are easier to digest.

We found that moving away from meat and other animal products left us feeling lighter and healthier. The toughest thing to give up for us was cheese, but that’s easy to do once you have found a Vegan cheese that you like.

Like anything else that’s new, it just takes some time and imagination. With a little help anything is possible. That’s what we hope to open the door to a new world for you here with our Vegan recipes; the creative side of things to make the move easier.

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