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Colon Cleanse

The benefits of a colon cleanse

Most people who experience digestion problems have a lack of fiber in their diet, or have been exposed to various preservatives, colorings, sweeteners, or other nasty ingredients in their foods. For the average person, the recommended daily allowance of fiber is 30 grams. Unfortunately, many people do not get this amount of fiber due to the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. The ancient Egyptians believed that the gut is the river of life and death. What this means is that a healthy digestive system is paramount for personal health.

Natural fibers are essential for healthy colon function. Unfortunately, some people experience gut conditions like indigestion, reflux, bloating, IBS, constipation or have been diagnosed with a disease. Disease means that there is Dis-ease in the body which is a warning sign that something needs to change. These conditions are caused by a build-up of toxins including herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. If these toxins are not eliminated from the colon, even if you are planning a diet change, it may result in a variety of health problems.

It is the colon’s primarily function to extract the healthy nutrients, salt and water from fecal matters and expel waste. You need to ensure that it’s eliminating the toxins when you expel the fecal matter – go for a poo. A colon cleanse is an essential part of the detoxification process and will help with maintaining good overall health and wellness.

A healthy digestive system will reverse most symptoms of poor health and improve overall health. If you want to experience more mental clarity, healthy weight management, more energy and vitality, clearer skin and eyes, then a healthy gut is a great place to start.

How a colon cleanse helps the digestive system

It all starts with what you put into your mouth and how well you chew your food. Remember, digestion starts in the mouth before you even swallow. Chewing is the mechanical part of the process. Make sure that you chew your food thoroughly before swallowing. It is even recommend that you chew while drinking juice as a part of a juice fast. This will improve the digestion of your food in your small and large intestines improving the absorption of nutrients. The smaller the food particles are, the easier it is for food to be absorbed through the intestinal lining.

If you aren’t chewing your food properly, this may be one of the reasons for ill gut health. Making sure that you chew your food into a pulp will ensure that your food is easier to digest. Once the food gets to the gut, a chemical process starts to take place transforming the food into a molecular structure which helps the body to extract as much nutritional value as possible.

Whatever the body does not need will be eradicated through a bowel movement. If you are having difficulty having regular bowel movements, this is a good indication that you need to clean your colon. If you experience constipation or are struggling to defecate, you may be poisoning your body. This could be very harmful and cause auto-intoxication.

Why you should consider a colon cleanse

We highly recommend doing a colon cleanse and fast for a few days to help clean your digestive system. Particularly if you are planning to make any significant diet changes. Using a colon cleanse mixture with a Bentonite Clay will help remove toxins and heavy metals from your system. It will help the intestines to loosen built-up plaque and undigested foods, improving your transit time. Transit time is the length of time that it takes for the body to process and expel the food that’s been consumed.

A Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk mixture is a very effective, and easy way to clean your digestive system. As a natural approach to gut health, this is less invasive and has a much lower impact on the system than herbal diet teas. Many of these diet teas do work, but they also strip the body of a lot of bacteria and nutrients that it needs. Add to that the severe dehydration that can be encountered, it’s not our preferred option when there is a less aggressive approach.

Adding Chia Seeds and Buckwheat to a colon cleanse routine helps to provide more fiber and goods fats to help with the digestive process. The important thing to keep in mind that as the Bentonite Clay acts as a drawing agent, it will pull nutrients out as well. This is why it is not a good idea to have it in food as it loads up with the minerals and nutrients from the food, and carries them straight out of the body through bowel movements when they occur.

Detoxification as a part of the coloninc cleansing process improves the absorption of nutrients through the small intestinal lining. When you clean the gut of toxic waste and impurities, the body will find it easier to receive the nutrients that were being blocked by the layer of plaque in the intestinal lining.

Think of a colon cleanse like hygiene care for your insides. During a colon cleanse, you will find the main organs like the lungs, lymph glands, skin, liver, kidneys, and pancreas etc. will also be detoxing. The digestive system is largely responsible for detoxifying the body because this is one of the primary methods the body uses to expel the waste. The four methods for detoxification and purging waste are:

  • Perspiration
  • Exhalation
  • Urination, and
  • Defecation

How a colon cleanse supports a healthy immune system

If you have a compromised digestive system and are experiencing symptoms like IBS, leaky gut, reflux or gastro, you may need a reset with a colon cleanse and a period of fasting. An unhealthy gut creates an optimal environment for parasites to thrive. These evil little critters will deplete the body of the nutrients it craves and leaves the body feeling drained and fatigued.

This is a result of the immune system being impacted because the body can’t get the nutrients it needs. Doing regular a colon cleanses and fasting for a dedicated period, will by killing and or removing parasites from the body. The immune system and intestinal lining will benefit from a colon cleanse and fast which has flow-on effects and improves general health as well.

Other benefits of a colon cleanse are:

  • Feeling more energetic
  • Reduced food cravings
  • Reduce body odor like bad breath
  • Reduce flatulence and gas
  • Reduced body weight
  • Reduce mucus build up or whitening of the tongue
  • Improves the body’s ability to fight disease through purging
  • Clearer skin complexion, and
  • Clearer whites of the eyes

Other options to support an effective colon cleanse

Where you have had years of eating the kind of foods that have caused plaque to build up in your system, you may need some assistance. A colon cleanse with the support of a colonic irrigation, or colon hydrotherapy, can help to get a lot of the trapped matter out of your system. The intestine is not a flat tube, it has what might be easier to picture as ridges, which can become pockets where things get trapped.

Plaque can build up in these pockets, which result in blockages, gastric or abdominal pain in severe cases, poor gut health, and the beginning of a lot of complicated problems. Colon hydrotherapy, as a complementary part of your colon cleanse routine can dramatically speed up the process, and deliver what can feel like instant results.

A regular protocol of a colon cleanse followed by a fast will reverse the symptoms of an unhealthy gut. It’s important to make sure that gut health is a priority to prevent serious illnesses. By detoxifying the body you will eliminate bad bacteria, toxins, heavy metals and parasites. You will experience more energy, mental clarity, enhanced libido, looking and feeling good. Having a healthy gut will improve your entire lifestyle.

Preparing for your colon cleanse

Preparing for a colon cleanse can be done in stages. The easiest of which is through a progressive diet change. Doing a 30 day mild colon cleanse using a colon cleans mix will help to get the body moving in a way that is not going to be a huge shock to the system. If you are in need of speeding things up (for various reasons), you could do a 4 day colon cleanse, which would be best done under supervision. After that, the next stage is to move on to a fast. Either juice or water. 

A 30 day juice fast will help with a range of things as a part of your colon cleanse regime. The right blend of fruits and vegetables can bring both tasty pops of flavor, and a whole range of benefits to your health.

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