Collagen in Seaweed Uncovers Vegan Poached Eggs

Collagen can be found in more than animal based products. There’s no need to consume bone broth or other concoctions made from bovine offal, the carcasses of starved fish or anything else that may make your stomach churn. Instead, there is a plant based alternative.

There is collagen in seaweed!?!

Now that might sound icky to some as it is. But trust me, once you have washed and soaked the seaweed, particularly sea moss, there’s almost no taste or smell at all.

I’ve been using sea moss for years, and what is has brought me is much more than a plant based source of collagen.

So, lets take a look at a time way back when… A time where the journey towards better health became more of a strong focus…

While on a journey towards better health I’d discovered some interesting things that I was oblivious to before. Things like chocolate being able to be made without dairy or sugar, cakes being made with no animal products, and Vegan eggs.

But it’s not just about the food. Cosmetics and supplements containing collagen had uncovered new findings for me; there’s collagen in seaweed!

Strictly speaking, I’m not a Vegan, but I am what you might call a transitioning Vegan. That’s my way of saying that I still eat animal products from time to time at this stage in my journey. Typically, it’s during those stages of weaker resolve.

Admittedly, it is difficult to shift from a diet that is firmly founded in consisting of large quantities of beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. But, I’m doing much better one year on today than where I was previously.


Making progressive changes to get the most out of collagen sources found in seaweed

The first changes were the toughest. Not having milk and ice cream… Then chocolate… After the shakes from chocolate withdrawal I began to explore other options to fill these gaps.

I was so accustomed to having these things in the house that it didn’t feel quite right without them.

And then there was the Saturday morning ritual; poached eggs on toast with avocado, bacon and a strong coffee. How could I ever change this?

The habit was formed over a solid twenty years or more, and now I was going to break it.

But how do I replace poached eggs with a plant based substitute? I had to learn how to make Vegan eggs.

I’d used Agar in recipes from time to time, but I found that I didn’t like the way it behaved when I worked with it. Then I found out about sea moss as a plant based gelatin substitute.

This was discovered completely by mistake as I was looking for a collagen substitute. A long while ago I had a discussion with a friend about there being certain things that you just can’t get from plants.

Collagen was my trump card. But, that proved to be flawed as I soon learned that there is collagen in seaweed.

Enter sea moss and sea moss gel

When I first had this information presented to me I couldn’t help but wonder if there was going to be an overwhelmingly strong fishy, or beachy taste and smell to the sea moss gel.

The thought of having blended up seaweed mixed in with my food made me think of being dumped by a wave and swallowing a gut full of salt water.

That particular thought wasn’t appealing.

But, I persisted and sought out a small bag of dried seaweed. I then went about repeatedly washing and finally soaking the sea moss until it took an almost transparent appearance.

The water that the sea moss (eucheuma cottonii) had been soaking in had turned a little slimy overnight, but from my research, that was to be expected.

A quick tip; don’t throw this water out. It’s great for smoothies, and there’s an abundance of goodness from the collagen in the seaweed.

How Collagen in Seaweed Revealed the Perfect Vegan Poached Eggs -
Eucheuma Cottonii

I then took the soaked, now floppy and almost see through sea moss and blended it with a little over a cup of the water it had been soaking in.

After about a minute I was left with an off white, almost fawn colored liquid that was very thick.

I poured this into a resealable jar and let it rest in the refrigerator.

Over the next few ours it began to firm up, and took on the consistency of a light jelly. Not firm and chunky, this was light, smooth, and held the bubbles from the blending process.

Agar Alternative

This was to be my agar alternative. And it works so much better than agar when making Vegan poached eggs! Crisis averted; Saturday mornings could go back to almost normal – only better.

The average batch of sea moss that I blend up includes around 15 dried grams of sea moss and 1 cup of sea moss water – the slimy stuff it’s been soaking in.

This gives me enough paste to make all the Vegan eggs I could possibly want, and more.

Have a look at the recipes section in the top menu for some ideas that you can try in your kitchen.

We’re working on a recipe book that will include the little secrets that we’ve crafted so you can get more collagen into your diet too.

With all of the amazing health benefits that Sea Moss brings to the table, I’m excited to say that it has become a product I consume daily.

The amount of collagen in the gel is like no other plant based source. Every night, and every morning I use Sea Moss gel on my face. It helps to firm up the skin, and it lasts all day.

To say that I’m enjoying having sea moss in my kitchen is an understatement. It has become a morning and night ritual for me to take ½ a teaspoon of the paste and apply it topically to my face.

The power of the collagen in seaweed has seen fine lines almost fade away over the period of about three weeks.

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Matthew has been on an active journey towards living a healthy life from a young age. Influenced by his Grandmother, a practicing Naturopath in the 1940's, his views on living holistically were shaped from a young age. Growing up in different parts of Australia, his connection with the Ocean and a passion for sustainability comes through in everything he does and shares.

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