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Detox and Cure Affiliate Portal Access

Welcome to the Detox & Cure Affiliate portal access page.

If you wish to apply to become an Affiliate, please view our Becoming an Affiliate page, and the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions page.

How Do Affiliate Commissions Work?

The process really easy:
  1. A visitor clicks one of your Affiliate links that is somewhere on your website, social posts or even in an email.
  2. Their IP address is recorded and there is a cookie added to their web browser which is needed for tracking purposes.
  3. They browses our website, and they could choose to order a product.
  4. If they do place an order that qualifies is it logged as a successful sale in your Affiliate Profile and you’ll get a commission for the sale
We have put together some more in-depth information to help you find out more about how the Detox & Cure Affiliate Program works.
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