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Ultimate-Sea-Moss-Guide-How-to-get-The-Best-in-2020 - smoothie bowl with sea moss, blueberries, mango, chia seeds and granola in a coconut shell bowl on the top left. center image is of White sandy beach with smooth rocks on the shore line covered in seaweed as the waves lap over the top of them at low tide under a clear blue sky with some light cloud cover in the distance. Bottom right is an image of sea moss of the Cottonii variety that has been soaked and has taken on a golden translucent look.

What is Sea Moss?

For generations Sea Moss has been relied upon by people from all around the world to support a balanced life. More recently it has become better known as a part of an alkaline routine.

Find out more about the power of this amazing superfood on our Ultimate Sea Moss Guide

How to make Sea Moss Gel

Being one of the most popular ways to add Sea Moss to your day, making it into a gel gives you a lot of flexibility. Sea Moss Gel is very versatile, and it is so easy to make.

Get the inside scoop on how we prepare our gel, and see how you can enjoy making Sea Moss Gel a part of your day. 


How to use Sea Moss

If you’re new to the world of Sea Moss you might be looking for creative ways to use it. As a great plant based alternative to gelatin, it does a great job as a natural thickening agent.

But that’s not all, you can expect so much more from your Sea Moss when you start using it in a range of recipes


Hi Christine would like to say that I have used the Irish sea moss and I am over the moon with the product very happy makes a perfect gel great smell of freshness and quiet a pleasant taste and great for my skin condition 


I used the sea moss on my face and was so impressed to feel my skin tighten up. There was a visible difference. I also put the gel on under my makeup and you can’t tell. I love it! Thank you D&C 


Bought a bag of sea moss gold after hearing about it through a friend. It has proven to be a great product with great results. The fact that it is all natural makes it even better!! Thanks Detox and Cure!!