Dairy Free Recipes

Did you know that there are many options you can turn to if you are looking for dairy free alternatives?

It doesn’t have to be from an animal to be able to do do the job that cheese, cream, or milk. We have a mix of recipes that are dairy free and very tasty.

One of the biggest challenges that can be faced when using dairy alternatives, apart from getting taken to court by the FDA and the Diary Board for calling your soy ‘milk‘ is figuring out how to get a similar taste or texture to diary. Here’s a pro tip for you; add some Irish Moss Seaweed to your recipes in the form of Sea Moss Gel to get that silky smooth mouth feel.

Cooking Dairy Free Style

This is completely possible with the right mix; and it’s all plant based!

We work with soy, rice, coconut, sea moss, a range of nuts including almond, cashew and hazelnut. With these in our arsenal, prepare for a scrumptious attack on your taste buds!

Changing over for health reasons may be your motivation, or you might be looking for ways to align you values with your habits.

Lactose free, or cruelty free, either way it all means the same thing; no dairy for me, please.

Think about this; a cheesecake that has no cheese in it! Chocolates that have no cream in them! Cakes that have no milk in them! And they all taste amazing without feeling heavy or guilty.

If you are new to dairy substitutes and need some inspiration, then we have got you covered. Check out our dairy free recipes and let us know how you go. We love to hear about our Reader’s experiences and share the learnings.

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