Buying Sea Moss Online with Bitcoin

When it comes to buying Sea Moss online, we have worked hard to make knowing as much about your Sea Moss something that is as transparent and informative as possible.

Our reason for bringing this amazing product to our Customers is clear when you see what we have experienced though it being a part of our daily lives.

Everyone we encounter seems to know us for our Sea Moss. And we have found that through this we have been blessed with a community of good people who are like minded; in search for a better path to wellness.

For that I can’t express enough how grateful I am. And I believe that I can say that on behalf of our small Team. We are extremely grateful for you being a part of our world.

Background Story for our Customers Buying Sea Moss Online

As we take a closer look at what has become a bigger part of our daily lives, we can’t ignore the recent impacts of C19 on the supply chain.

You may have seen this yourself in things like postal delays, stores not having stock, and even in some more dire cases stores closing down and people losing their livelihoods.

We have seen what was a pre C19 postage time to most international destinations as being a little more than 14 days on a long route.

The USA was a place we could ship to typically within a week or two. Now, we are lucky to see parcels make it through in anything less than 45 days! New Zealand, one of the closer countries to Australia is still taking almost 2 months for air freight parcels to get to.

You know what? From now on I’m calling everything from 2019 back ‘BC’ – C19. Do remember the good old days? Do you remember 2019?

All jokes aside, things are tough, and I have a feeling they are going to get tougher for a number of reasons. However, that being said, you do have to look for a lighter side to things in the current climate, particularly for your own sanity.

I firmly believe that very few of us could have accurately foreseen just how hard this would hit so many people, so quickly, and what the fallout would look like.

Some of my friends asked me about what I thought was going to happen next as things began to spiral out of control. Almost as if I have a crystal ball or something.

Ok, so I saw that in January that if things in China continued to worsen that we might see impacts even in Australia.

Given that so many consumables and other items have been made in China for such a long time, it seemed obvious to me that when the people in what are the biggest manufacturing hubs in one of the biggest countries close down that it was only a matter of time before the shelves ran bare.

This is the result of outsourcing and centralization. It introduces the increased risk from a single point of failure.

We’ve now experienced that first hand, and it is so much clearer to many of us living in concrete jungles why our Grandparents grew their own fruit and vegetables. They felt the pangs of lack in their lifetime and figured out how to be self sufficient.

We took some preventative measures and made sure that before the madness hit that we had a little extra in the cupboard to carry us through.

Unlike those who stripped the shelves amidst the toilet paper shortage that gripped many countries, we didn’t dash out to take the last item off the shelf. We focused on composing ourselves and limiting our exposure to the media that was responsible for whipping up the frenzy.

As much as this spurred a wave of funny TikTok videos and memes, the laughter soon died off as more and more places went into stricter lock downs. 

One after the other we saw limitations applied. Restrictions on visitors in your own home. Restrictions on being able to go out. Restrictions on every dimension of how we live in some cases. The impacts of this are very likely to be with us for a long time to come.

As a side note, I would like to express that I’m concerned for the next generation, particularly when you evaluate just how much of an impact the Great Depression (1930’s) had on communities.

As much as the popular images of these times come out of the US and UK, this had an impact around the world. Just like what we are seeing today.

An Open Letter to our Customers Buying Sea Moss Online

So why am I sharing this with you?

We have recently decided to restrict International sales to our Customers based on the actions of a few. As a small business the impacts of C19 on us has seen the cost of the freight services we rely upon go up.

Increases in charges and levies to get the Sea Moss you’re buying from us to your door meant there was some action required on our part to survive. We have even been hit with C19 levies by some of our carriers, which is both understandable and confusing at the same time.

For those of you who have been with us over the years, off line more than online, you would have seen some of the changes in pricing lately.

We introduced a ‘free freight’ threshold for all orders over $89 Australian (about $64 US at the time of writing) in an effort to help increase the volume of sales. This meant our profit margin was lower as we wore 100% of the cost of freight worldwide when someone made a qualifying purchase.

Our motivation to do this was not just for the health of our business, but to also try and add to the volume of freight that Postal Workers and Couriers had, therefore helping them stay employed too. I have close connections in the world of logistics and I know how much this industry is relied upon to keep things moving.

This dimension of our decision making process was key for us.

However, we are a small business and our part to play in this is not the same as the big end of town. But we have a plan to keep moving forward and keep growing so we can bring more to you.

Our plan is to position ourselves so we can weather this challenging time, and our suppliers can look forward to us sourcing all manner of goods and services we need through them to do what we do. We’re all connected.

The root cause of the unfortunate decision we have had to make is the delays in shipping to our International Customers buying their Sea Moss online through us. These delays have been completely out of our (and all other retailers) control.

The Chargeback Culture is Harmful to all

The sad fact is that as a result of these delays the banks and other payment gateways like PayPal have been inundated with chargeback cases in the last few months.

Thousands of people who are not happy with how long deliveries are taking are simply deciding to cancel their orders and tell their banks they want their money back. Even when their package is sitting with the Postal Service awaiting delivery in their home country, sometimes even in their home city.

I get the dissatisfaction here. I’m not happy about waiting for what seems like forever and a day either. But I know that it’s no fault of the Merchant I ordered through.

We have reached out to our Customers that we identified as being impacted by these delays and offered a rebate of sorts in the form of a promo code that didn’t expire.

For those who we have in our database that have one of these, they will still be honored. Point being, we have tried to take other routes during these times, and to do the right thing, even though this isn’t the fault of anyone. It’s just the situation we’re all facing.

What I mean by the chargeback culture being harmful is that it is being used and abused more often than legitimately relied upon to protect Buyers. Hence, companies who process these claim go through an investigation process and mediate the outcome.

I want to go on record here as saying that completely I agree with Buyer protection. I’m a Buyer too. I’m aware that in every transaction I make, I’m responsible for half of what goes on. However, the current mechanism is clearly not working.

I can appreciate that this is probably not something that you’re seeing much of at the moment. But I’m inclined to forecast that the number of smaller Merchants, like us, who choose to restrict access to their goods or services as a result of chareback misuse will increase. We feel for our International Customers in that they will be missing out more and more as the chargeback trend grows.

This will hurt a lot more people in the longer term as the behaviors of the few are impacting the many. For us, it only takes a handful of chargebacks to put us in the red for a considerable time.

So stopping trade outside of Australia is of a much lower impact to us as a business than metaphorically running the gauntlet in a system that is tilted regardless of the extent we go to when shipping internationally.

As a result of the trend we have seen in the past 3 months, we will be moving to only accepting payment from International Customers during these times in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. We are still exploring how we are going to implement this payment gateway and I can’t give you a time frame at this stage.

To find out more about how these payment options work there are some useful resources at that could be a good place to see how this works.

As many people are still quite new to shopping with crypto I suggest that you take a look at a few different well-known companies in the space. I believe that this is something that you’ll see increase in the years to come as things get easier, and crypto apps get better.

Some other places you can exchange fiat currency for different cryptocurrencies include and

As we build this side of our business out and position ourselves to move to where people are going in their payment preferences, it is our intention to put together some guidance materials that will help with understanding the process or buying Sea Moss online with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

In closing, I would like to say that we are hoping that the current conditions change around the world soon, and that we are able to go back to operating as before. I would like to invite you to comment on your thoughts on this matter below, as we want to make sure that we hear your perspective too.

Updated October 2020

We would like to say ‘Thank You!’ to the many valued Customers and Readers who reached out to us during this time. Your support and encouragement has been well received.

We have some good news in that we are seeing transit times with shipping to other countries improving again. As a result we are again shipping to a few international locations where the times are back to normal.

If you find that your country isn’t able to be shipped to through our online store we are still waiting to see improvements in these transit times. We are patiently waiting to be able to open these routes back up again.

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  1. datz rubbish! wot kinda lowlyfe person does dis to sumwun else? karma baby datz all I gotta say. keep doing tha best ya can detox n cure coz your doing good stuff. I know how ta use crypto and im with ya. Do what ya gotta do.

    • Hello Ayhin,

      Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. If you were to use crypto to buy your Sea Moss online with us, what would your preferred type of currency be?

      We would like to think that people would be more understanding during such times rather than their actions exposing them to karma as you put it. I would like to think that was made clear for a number of reasons.

      Interestingly, I had a few people reach out via email and social since this change asking us to allow them to buy. Sadly, as a result of what we have seen this is currently not going to happen. One person, who also is an online Merchant, called for a public register of people who do this so they could update their database and protect themselves from such Buyers.

      I would be curious to hear other people’s thoughts on this idea. I think that it may be a breach of privacy various countries laws.

    • Hello James,

      I think Bitcoin Cash is pretty common in most of the crypto wallet checkout options. Thanks for bringing this preference to our attention. I’ll make sure it isn’t overlooked.

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