How does the Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet Work?

The Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet works by progressively changing the pH (potential hydrogen) level in your body. This is effectively shifted from being on the acidic side of neutral (pH of 7) to the alkaline side of neutral, as shown in the image below.

The idea behind this is that disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment and that certain foods are acid-forming, while others are alkaline-forming.

What Are Alkalizing Foods and their Health Benefits - pH Scale -

But there’s more to an alkaline diet than just that, and in this article we will take a closer look at some of the finer points that Dr. Sebi spoke about.

Recently we wrote about Doctor Sebi, the revered Honduran Herbalist who many credit with having changed their lives. This was predominately through the Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet, which he called African Bio-Electric Cell Food Therapy.

Doctor Sebi was interviewed by Rock Newman (as shown below) some time after winning a case in the New York Supreme Court.

Facing charges pr practicing medicine without a licence, which arose relating to the claims he had made about the results of his practices, Dr. Sebi defended himself. In this interview he spoke about curing his patients of AIDS.

This obviously turned a few heads, and landed Dr. Sebi in some hot water at the time.

We are not making claims that the Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet was responsible for the results of the patient’s recovery from AIDS, as we were not a part of the process.

Nor are we claiming that this was not the case, as we were not privy to the data firsthand.

However, there is growing anecdotal evidence that suggests that the effects from the Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet has more than benefited many.

So, what is behind the Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet, and how does it work?

When you start to talk about alkalizing foods there can be some confusion. This is understandable as the assumption is that the food in its primary state is what determines its effect on the body.

Many people find this confusing, and I certainly did when I started looking into it. As we will illustrate here, this is not all that bears considering.

The first thing that we find helps with this is understanding that the acidic or alkaline state of the food is not always relevant to the end result.

How can acidic foods become alkalizing foods?

Research has shown that there are some inconsistencies with what Doctor Sebi teaches about acidic and alkali foods.

It appears that as a result of the development of the PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) Score the tables may have turned somewhat. 1

Sebi teaches that if it is acidic, it is acidic in the body. He also teaches us to stay away from anything that contains starch.

So, using the PRAL score, let’s have a look at a highly acidic example. A highly acidic lemon has an alkalizing effect on the body.

That seems almost counterintuitive, right? How could a lemon, which is acidic to the tune of pH 2.0 to 3.0, have an alkalizing effect on the body when it is introduced to gastric acid that has a pH of between 1.5 and 3.5?

There are many different factors at play here, some as simple as cooking food can change its state and alter the chemical structure and composition.

We’re not ‘cooking’ the lemon in this case, but we are changing its state. When a lemon is consumed it is subject to the digestion process and metabolised.

This process creates byproducts that are alkaline in nature, thus, alkalizing the body.

It is based upon this relationship between the food and its resultant pH that the PRAL score works. This is not inconsistent keeping with how the Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet works though.

If you look into studies completed by those who are proponents of alkaline diets they will show that they believe the relationship between the body’s state (pH) and its overall health are connected.

Dr. Sebi consistently said that the herbs of the earth are electric and alkalising and that they were molecularly complete and assimilated with the body perfectly.

It is through the use of these herbs and native fruits and vegetables that had not been altered through human interference that Sebi claims his results were achieved.

There have been subsequent independent studies into the effects of an alkalizing diet on the human body, and its state of health.

Some studies into cancer in these areas suggest that cancer cannot survive in an alkalized body, yet it develops and thrives when the body is in an acidic state. This is also something the late Doctor Sebi spoke about at length.

The foundation of the Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet is that Dr. Sebi taught that your body is alive and it is electric. Therefore, the food that you put inside it should also be alive and electric.

Some may know this as a ‘high vibrational diet’ where the life force of the food is preserved until it is consumed through some methods, such as:

  • Eating raw foods
  • Not eating some foods, including some fruits and vegetables
  • Not eating acidic foods
  • Not eating foods with starch in them
  • Not eating processed foods

As touched upon earlier, Dr. Sebi speaks very specifically about the questionable nutritional value of food that has been engineered through forms of husbandry, cross-pollination, and hybrid refining.

Such examples he spoke of included carrots, corn, beans, and cashews just to name a few. He called these types of foods man-made and not natural.

You can dig deeper into that train of thought, should you choose to.

Another factor that Sebi touched upon, albeit not as prominently as the alkaline topic was the energetic properties of food.

For those who are interested, you may find the topic of Kirilian Photography interesting. This is where a food’s energetic force, or field, is diminished by cooking it. 2

The same can be said for non-organic foods, GMO foods, and canned foods.

How the body cleanses itself from a state of acidity is completed by initially working through a process of fasting and introducing alkalizing foods.

Doctor Sebi spoke about a 3 month-long fast that he undertook to cure himself of diabetes, impotency, obesity and asthma.

Doctor Sebi also speaks at length about the wonders he, and others he has helped, have seen from introducing sea moss into their diets.

As an alkalizing food, sea moss also contains an abundance of minerals that the body needs to stay strong. One which might be of interest to you is collagen.

The more you find out about how collagen plays a part in a strong and healthy body, the more you will want to find out about introducing sea moss into your diet.

Many disagree with what Sebi spoke about, and the reliability of the alkalising diet that he taught has come under substantial fire. 

Given the apparent conflict between Doctor Sebi Alkaline Diet and what is understood through the application of PRAL, there seems to be a need to further consider the information to determine your facts.


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  1. I’ve heard about the PRAL before but is there a way to find out what the acid or alkaline effect of food is in the body once you eat it?

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your question, and this is a good one too. The simplest way is to test your urine and saliva after you have made dietary changes with a pH testing kit. You can pick these up pretty cheap online and track the changes you are noticing over time.

  2. I believe that Nipsey Hussle was murdered for the docco he was working on. The guy who they claim was the shooter isnt more than a patsy. Hes just the modern Lee Harvey Oswlald is all

    • Hello Ian,

      It does seem strange that Nipsey Hussle was shot not too long after he made the statement, I agree. It is a shame that his work on the Dr. Sebi documentary has been stalled, but Nick Cannon is said to be picking up the baton and running with this. Yesterday I saw an update that showed Nick Cannon with Dr. Sebi’s first wife, so something seems to be happening.

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