How To Cure Gastric Pain

The quickest way on how to cure gastric pain is to reduce the amount of processed foods, reduce alcohol consumption, increase your water intake.

You could also try to get more consistent rest, cut back on exposure to areas of life where you are exposed to stress (or find ways to help you effectively manage those stresses)

Other options also include making your meal sizes smaller and more consistent. But that’s just the surface. Let’s dive a little deeper on this.

If you’ve ever experienced bloating, you would inevitably experience the discomfort of gastric pain that comes with it. This for many is quickly followed by a series of questions around how to cure gastric pain including:

  • Why is my stomach so bloated?
  • What helps cure bloating?

The above questions can’t really be addressed without first identifying what bloating is and what causes bloating in the stomach.

Bloating is when the abdomen is full of gas. Symptoms often include loss of appetite, increased flatulence and burping, sharp pain in the abdomen and sometimes pain when breathing; the abdomen tends to feel uncomfortable and spongy, hence the bloat.

Often bloating is caused by trapped wind or gas built up inside the stomach and intestines.

What causes trapped wind?

Trapped wind is initially caused by a build-up of gas in the gut. When food is consumed the stomach and intestines release acids and bile to assist with the breakdown of the food which also creates gasses.

Usually, the gas will pass through the large intestine with the excess waste and leave the system when you go to the toilet.

What causes bloating in the stomach?

Bloating could be caused by any number of things from swallowing air, to drinking carbonated or caffeinated liquids, and eating foods that are difficult to digest.

How to relieve trapped gas fast

Foods that cause bloating due to the build-up of gas include lettuce, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, beans, and cabbage.

Vitamins, supplements, and medicines can also cause bloating. If you feel bloated after consuming fiber supplements, this is quite normal.

However, if your discomfort or the symptoms persist, it is best to stop taking the supplements and seek medical advice from your practitioner.

If you feel bloated when taking prescription medication, also seek medical advice. You may be prescribed something else in the place of the medication that is causing the bloating. 1

Constipation or bowel obstruction may be another reason for bloating and gastric pain. If symptoms persist seek medical advice from your practitioner and ask for tests to be done to find out why you are experiencing these symptoms.

I have had people ask me if their symptoms were due to an allergy in the past. As detailed in the video below, gastric pain or discomfort is often due to an intolerance and not an allergy.

However, if you are experiencing discomfort or symptoms you should seek medical attention.

If you are experiencing bloating and excess gas, you’re probably wondering how to relieve the gas quickly to help alleviate some of the gastric pain and discomfort.

Belching, farting and if possible, relieving your bowels are probably the quickest and easiest ways to relieve pressure through the release of trapped gas. However, belching and farting, especially in public can be rather embarrassing and considered to be impolite.

Colon hydrotherapy is a holistic healing option that is used by many to clean their bowels. You may have a build-up of bacteria which could cause excess gas build-up. Colon hydrotherapy helps to alleviate and prevent many ailments and health concerns.

Ideally, you will need to identify what is causing the bloating in the first place. You may have allergies or an intolerance to specific foods such as those containing gluten or lactose.

People who suffer from food intolerance are more likely to suffer from bloating. Consider changing your diet by eliminating gluten, dairy and lactose products and then slowly reintroducing foods back into your diet.

You can manage gastric pain. Find out more about the possible causes. Find this image on Instagram.

How to cure gastric pain

The simplest way how to cure gastric pain is through preventative strategies. In other words, consider changing your diet, for example:

  • Eat smaller amounts of food four to six times per day. This will allow the digestive system to process the food more efficiently.
  • Have a regular eating regime and avoid skipping meals.
  • Reduce the amount of processed food which can irritate your bowel.
  • Moderate your alcohol consumption as this reduces stress on the liver and allows your system to process nutrients more efficiently.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking dehydrates the body which places stress on your organs.
  • Look for ways to manage your stress. This may include yoga, meditation, taking regular breaks, holidays, exercise and healthy eating.

One of the best natural ways to cure gastric pain and bloating is to consume ginger. Ginger helps improve and speed up the digestive processes, which will help the food move into the bowels quicker and relieve gastric pain and bloating.

If you are experiencing gastric pain and bloating, cut up 1 fresh ginger root and soak in warm water and drink as a warm tea.

Alternatively, try drinking Chamomile or Peppermint tea. This has been an effective method we have applied in the search to the answer to the question ‘How to cure gastric pain?’


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