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Have you ever felt like our medical system is failing you?

For too long we have been expecting our doctors to take responsibility for our health. I look around and I see more sick people than I’ve ever seen before. It seems like everyone is on one type of prescription medication or another.

I get it, GP’s choose their profession because they want to help people. Unfortunately, due to the time pressures of seeing patients in fifteen-minute increments, they don’t have long enough to truly understand what their patients really need.

Additionally, the pressure of sales from big Pharmaceutical companies and the attractive kickbacks make their prescriptions questionable. I think  “First, Do No Harm”, the Hippocratic Oath, which is the foundation and underlying ethics of modern medicine has been lost.

It’s well known that the nutritional training given to doctors is sorely inadequate. Although they are required to swear to uphold the Hippocratic Oath.

How can they honestly swear to uphold something they don’t understand because they aren’t really taught the basic foundational principals of nutrition.

In my experience, the health care system neither promotes health nor prevents disease.

“He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of man?”

“Let Food be thy Medicine and let Medicine be thy Food.”

Hippocrates, The Father of Western Medicine – 460 BC – 370 BC

These quotes by Hippocrates, beautifully illustrates that diet and nutrition are the foundation for preventing and healing of disease.

For me, the medical profession has lost a lot of credibility due to its ties to the drug industry. It’s my understanding that medical industries and drug companies have been in bed together for quite some time.

The whole medical industry’s educational system is paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. The drug companies design the research and provide the medical industry with their so-called findings.

Additionally, they are well known in the medical industry for setting up conferences to educate the medical industry about the next miracle drug. They shower their guests with gifts, wining and dining the medical professionals to boost their egos and make them feel important. Pretty manipulative if you ask me.

T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. speaks at length in his book, The China Study about the health implications of animal-based products. He explains how businesses, which profit from the sale of animal-based foods seem to be a prominent feature in the media and marketing towards children including the widely publicized food pyramid.

Honestly, I’m not nearly as diligently with my food choices as I would like to be. But I am getting better all the time. Since reading The China Study, Whole Plant-Based diet has become my new normal. Over the last year, I have removed what is referred to as the Three White Poisons.

  • Table Salt (sodium)
  • Bleached or processed White Flour and
  • White Sugar

I’d like to add to this list and include:

  • Cows Milk
  • Bleached or processed White Rice

Where possible, I would encourage you to avoid or at least limit eating these foods.

I am not a Vegan or Vegetarian, as I have a tendency to desire animal-based products from time to time. Previously I was consuming animal-based products daily but have since reduced this to weekly. I have started implementing a Whole Plant-Based diet approach to my eating habits. I’ve noticed that the desire for animal-based products has diminished.

Additionally, I no longer use deodorant or antiperspirants because they contain aluminum and other toxins which have been linked to cancers. I choose to brush my teeth with fluoride free toothpaste or activated charcoal. There are some great recipes to make your own home-made toothpaste and deodorant if desired.

Moving away from harmful foods and chemicals is something we need to be doing diligently. I can honestly say that it’s been much easier than I expected. Once you have the knowledge, it becomes much easier to make healthier choices. Awareness is the beginning of change.

This is an extensive topic and I encourage you to continue doing your research. As will we.

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