New Health Generation Through Doctor Sebi Death

The news of the Doctor Sebi death in custody, and what Dr. Sebi stood for has given life to a vision of health and empowerment to a new generation.

Through the light that Nipsey Hussle shone on this otherwise forgotten story in the mainstream, we are all reminded of our responsibility to ourselves for maintaining good health.

Doctor Sebi’s Teachings; A Philosophy on Life

However, the lessons go much deeper than that.

What Doctor Sebi shared was a philosophy of life and living. He did gain the attention of detractors and supporters alike with the work he did. As we witnessed the murder of Nipsey Hussle, the numbers of both Sebi supporters and detractors seem to have grown.

This was all taking place and the next wave of minds were also becoming enlightened as the Sebi story as Nipsey made headlines for reasons that none of us wanted.

The power of influence is quite amazing. Find this image on Instagram.

What Happened With the Doctor Sebi Death?

Doctor Sebi died in custody while in transit to the hospital where he was to be treated for a case of pneumonia. Having some time earlier been arrested on charges of money laundering by the Honduran Public Ministerio, Sebi’s health took a dramatic slide while in custody. 1

Many attribute this sequence of events to his inability to eat clean whilst being detained. If this was the cause of pneumonia setting in and taking Dr. Sebi’s life, then it’s a stark reminder to all of us that our food is our medicine, and our medicine is our food, as Hypocrites put it.

So what is there to take away from the story about Doctor Sebi’s death in custody?

Some would say that the plot is much thicker than what we can currently read about. And I’m inclined to agree. But, we can live in the present and apply his teachings to better our lives and bring long-lasting change.

How have we Applied Doctor Sebi’s Teachings?

My wife and I were on the path that Sebi had originally shown the world for quite some time.

For us, this dates back to before we began sharing what we were learning here, and before Nipsey Hussle made his statement about the Dr. Sebi documentary he was working on while being interviewed on The Breakfast Club.

Learning from Doctor Sebi

What we have learned and applied we have shared on Detox and Cure, in particular through:

Where we looked at alkaline-forming foods and put together a list of some foods that are alkaline-forming. It is important to note that this list contains some non ‘Dr. Sebi Approved’ foods that all the same do become alkaline forming.

We have been joined by a dear friend of ours on this journey, Luke. Here Luke shares his perspective on the value in an alkaline diet. In particular, why you should alkalize your body.

Where Christine takes a look at our favorite marine vegetable, sea moss. The same sea moss that Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes shared with our beloved Dr. Sebi.

We have been using sea moss in a number of ways for so long now that it is all that we think about and talk about with others. People must think we’re sea moss crazy!

Fresh Sea Moss straight from clean tropical waters. Find this image on Instagram.

These are just the start of the rabbit hole. And the beautiful thing is that you get to choose how deep your journey goes.

If you are a returning visitor to our site we would like to thank you. You’ll no doubt know that there’s a lot here about choosing options for better health based on your reasons.

I’d like to say that I’m glad that I’ve been exposed to the teachings Sebi brought to us.

And that the faded, yet resurrected news of the Doctor Sebi death in custody on the part of Nipsey Hussle, and now Nick Canon, has a fresh spotlight on it. The world is waking up, and ‘ya’ll better ride’! 2


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