Natural Sea Moss Gold

Sea Moss Gold 125g bag on green turf

Natural Sea Moss Gold

Sea moss has been used for generations for many different reasons. Way back in the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840’s it was turned to as a staple in the search for sustenance. We are proud to bring you our Natural Sea Moss Gold.

Today we have come to learn more about how this and other species of seaweed, play an important part in promoting healthy lives and a healthy planet.

Did you know that there are over 35,000 known species of seaweed on the planet today? When you think about how big that number is and how few we actually use on a regular basis, you begin to see that this is very much an untapped resource.

But making sea moss a part of your daily routine is more than about just buying and using it. We believe that you need to consider the source; like everything else in life.

Sustainability Matters

We take pride in making sure that what we source is sustainably farmed using environmentally friendly techniques, and that there is no harm done to the local marine life. Understanding more about our beliefs and values behind this may provide a better insight as to why we are so committed. You can find out more on our mission to bring you the best seaweed products in this category here.

When you buy sea moss from Detox and Cure you are buying a natural product that has been farmed using environmentally sustainable practices, and has been tested to ensure that it is safe for your consumption.

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Able to be used as a vegetable in salads, in any stir-fry, or blended into a paste and used in drinks, sauces, smoothies and even cakes! Try adding a little sea moss gel to your next batch of pancakes and see how they go. Our Natural Sea Moss Gold is a personal favorite.

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