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Enjoy all the benefits of our Bulk Irish Moss (Sea Moss) option. Ideal for those who are looking to save when buying in larger quantities.

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It all starts with our Bulk Irish Moss Seaweed, known by many simply as Sea Moss. Being hailed as a source of sustenance for generations, and relied upon for its properties as a natural remedy, Sea Moss is also a very effective plant-based alternative to gelatin.

Many people speak of it containing as many as 92 of the 102 minerals found in the human body. This is why they turn to it as a key part of their day.

It is understood that Sea Moss, like many other marine vegetables, can play a key part in providing a source of minerals that could be very a effective balance for many of us.

Is this Bulk Irish Moss easy enough to use in the kitchen?

With very little fuss, you can use this to:

  • Help with making sauces ticker
  • Using in recipes as an alternative to animal sources of gelatin
  • Adding to green and fruit smoothies
  • Juices, and so much more!

Even though a lot of people use Sea Moss to make a gel, you can use the whole seaweed in cooking too. After you have washed and soaked the Irish Moss you’ll be able to include it in a range of dishes like salads and even in stir fry.

We have used our Sea Moss Gel as a topical application when mixed with some essential oils and found that it has provided for some impressive results.

Choosing Detox & Cure Bulk Irish Moss

Our Bulk Irish Moss, and its little brother Sea Moss Gold, has been harvested from the open Ocean with great care. We work with a select few Seaweed Farmers who apply environmentally sustainable practices.

Sustainability matters to them as much as it does to us. With all of the same minerals that you’ll find in wildcrafted Sea Moss, this hasn’t been removed from an ecosystem that relies on it to be there.

Many people overlook how much of an impact wildcrafting has on a commercial scale. But I would go so far as to say that’s not you. Maybe that’s why you’re here.

We take the time to carefully go through specific selection processes and have visited and inspected many seaweed farmers across a wide range of countries. It is through these efforts that we have found what we believe is the best possible product to bring to you.

Key criteria that we have ensured to verify that the practices used to harvest our Sea Moss are environmentally friendly are covered in a number of articles on our website.

We have also commissioned laboratory analysis on the Sea Moss from our preferred farms so we can be sure that there are no harmful substances.

Due to the steps that we take in ensuring that the best quality product is provided, sometimes there can be incidental shortages in stock levels.

Sometimes we can simply run out. However, we do take every step we can to avoid this being the case. If it does happen that is out of stock at any time, we would like to invite you to subscribe and join our mailing list. We will advise you by email as soon we are back in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really Sea Moss?

Yes. This is real Sea Moss. It is the real deal and comes straight from the Ocean. It is not fake and hasn’t been grown in tanks or pools. This has grown naturally in open ocean waters without any chemicals, fertilizers, or other nasty products. Just the ebb and flow of the tide just like Nature intended.

Is your seaweed harvested sustainably?

Yes. We are careful in making sure that we don’t cause harm in what we do. We are not fans of the wildcrafting approach when it comes to commercial quantities. This takes away too much from the environment and contributes to the destruction of the marine ecosystem.

What is the country of origin?

Our Bulk Irish Moss is grown in some of the cleanest waters we have found. In a small village on the coast of Vietnam, we work exclusively with a Seaweed farmer who has undertaken rigorous testing and processes with us.

This has helped us to find a source of environmentally friendly and sustainably harvested Sea Moss that we are happy to use in our own kitchen.

Do you do any checks on your Bulk Irish Moss Seaweed?

A while ago we shared our process as a rough outline through this Pinterest post and a number of in-depth articles. We shared this with our Readers and Customers to help them understand what we do so we can make the best choice for us and our values.

We take the quality control aspect of what we do very seriously, and that shows in the end product that we are able to deliver to you. Our Bulk Irish Moss goes through these processes.

Do you do Lab Testing?

Yes, we test our seaweed for a range of things to make sure we are happy to consume it. We check for things that many others don’t, like disease-producing microorganisms and their pathogens, heavy metals, toxins, and the good stuff like vitamins and minerals.

Is this Sea Moss Gel?

No. This is dried Bulk Irish Moss Seaweed in whole-leaf form. You are able to make your own Sea Moss Gel with this by following a few simple steps.

How much does this weigh?

Each Bulk Irish Moss bag contains 907g (roughly 2 pounds) of dried Sea Moss.

How long does this dried Sea Moss last?

After you have opened the vacuum-sealed bag this should last for between 2 and 4 months when stored in a cool dry place. Each package is labeled with an expiry date and a batch number.

It is not necessary to refrigerate this after opening. However, keeping it in a sealed bag in a cool dry place will help prolong shelf life. You will need to refrigerate your gel when you make to help improve the shelf life.

Is this easy to use?

It is. You will find a range of suggestions on how can use your Sea Moss. We have crafted different recipes to help make this process simple. Your Sea Moss Gel may also be applied topically.

Where do the orders get sent from?

We’re in Australia and all of the orders we send out are posted from here. For any Customers based in other countries, this is likely to mean that you’ll need to be patient and allow some time compared to other online purchases you might make.

This Sea Moss won’t be coming from the same country that you live in.

How long does shipping take?

Anywhere between 2 and 10 businesses inside Australia. Packages to countries on major routes can ordinarily be delivered within 14 and 20 business days. Please keep in mind that where significant delays arise, these can extend the time.

Such an example was seen with the impact that Covid-19 had on the postal network.  If something arises that we become aware of we’ll make mention of this in the product description towards the top of this page.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for a change of mind, nor do we offer refunds for postal delays. Please review our Delivery, Returns & Refunds Policy for specifics on how the refund process is handled.

Can I buy in Bulk?

We are able to provide for orders in bulk and can negotiate wholesale rates for retailers. If this sounds like something that will meet your needs, please contact us.

Do you have a shop front?

We don’t have a physical shop. As an online retailer, we provide you with the ability to purchase your Bulk Irish Moss Seaweed through us here.

All prices are in Australian Dollars

Good news if you happen to be one of our International Customers! Buying in Australian Dollars can sometimes mean that the exchange rate works in your favor.

You are probably surprised to see that the prices in our store are listed as being Australian Dollars and not US Dollars. Unlike most websites, we have done this to keep things as clear as possible for the larger market we serve who are in Australia.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are able to be obtained at the checkout specific to your Bulk Irish Moss order.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 280 × 260 × 200 mm

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Really happy with the quality of this. Just need to make sure you have a resealable container. The vac pac isn’t resealable. Otherwise an amazing product. Thanx

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