Sea Moss

Why Choose Dry Sea Moss?

Choosing dry sea moss over a moist, or fresh sea moss will give you a better shelf life. When it comes to dried sea moss it is just as important to know how it was dried as it is to know the moisture content.

Our sea moss is naturally sun dried. We don’t cook it or accelerate the drying process with the use of chemicals. It’s all done in the natural rays of the sun.

This allows us to bring you the purest dry sea moss possible. After it has been washed in the salt water and gathered up from the ocean, it is taken to the shore for the first stages of processing.

Quality is Important

Here, it goes through the first in a series of quality control processed. Anything that doesn’t belong is taken out. This can include sea moss that has been eaten by fish and sea turtles, and other species of seaweed that can wrap around the sea moss.

It is then laid out in the sun where the warm air and the heat of the sun dry it out partially. It is then checked again for pieces of other seaweed that become easier to spot when it is dried.

From here it is allowed to sit in the sun a little longer to dry some more. Fine salt particles begin to form on the surface of the sea moss. This naturally occurs as the sea moss has grown in salt water in the open ocean. It has taken up the minerals around it, and the salt water.

Next, you need to consider the moisture content of your dry sea moss. Personally, I believe the dryer the better. It lasts longer, and you get more per kilo, so it’s better value.

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