How to Look Younger Naturally with Shilajit

No one wants to get old and lose their looks, or their ability to live a full and happy life. Last of all, me. Finding out how to look younger for longer is high on the list, not just for me, but clearly for you too.

So to help address aging, one strategy requires that a source of potent antioxidants is needed to reduce the impact of destructive free radicals.

Did you know that the molecular composition of Shilajit has been researched to evaluate its anti-aging properties? Through the Fulvic Acid found in it, antioxidant properties are abundant. 1

Fulvic Acid in this way helps to mitigate serious diseases from forming. It also has detoxing properties, helping to purge toxins from the body.

Looking at all things in the body holistically, uncontrolled free radicals that are left to cause cellular damage at any level in your body then lead to other complications.

On the scary end of the scale, such complications can range from heart disease to cancer. Other diseases found in aging individuals such as osteoporosis or hypertension may also start to form as a result of uncontrolled free radicals earlier than they otherwise might.

At a slightly less scary level, they can also result in other complications that can cause any range of irritations. This does not mean that they are not capable of having a compounding effect over time. Etiological connections to more severe conditions are medically proven. 2

Limiting the effects of free radicals is a great step towards prolonging youth, vitality, and overall good health.

Secret Weapon for How to Look Younger

Pssst! Hey… Did you know that Shilajit has been identified as containing Carbon 60 (C60)?

Carbon 60 was only recently discovered in 1985 and its full benefits are still under scientific study. Its main benefit is that it is a powerful antioxidant. However, a study from 2017 also showed other interesting benefits. 3

Low levels of Carbon 60 ingested can lead to an increase in muscle recovery speed. It can also lead to better muscular endurance. The two benefits together will allow an individual to perform physical activities for longer and have quicker recovery rates.

Carbon 60 is extremely rare in nature. Shilajit is one of the very few natural substances that contain this carbon. 4

Some olive oils produced today have Carbon 60 added to them also, but you need to be wary. According to the studies, not all forms of Carbon 60 delivered in this manner are good. In this study, there were instances of light-dependent toxicity observed. 5

It is worth keeping in mind that some Carbon 60 additives are synthetically produced, and scientific studies have not been completed on the synthetic version. 6

As far as I’m concerned, the studies into the antioxidant properties of Shilajit, along with the presence of Carbon 60 are certainly a powerful addition to its resume.

The Fight Against Aging

Now that we know what is in Shilajit, we can learn how to get it into our system.

First and foremost, it is water soluble and the studies consistently show that the data is connected with daily consumption.

This can also be done in a tincture if you choose to, however, I would opt to avoid any form of alcohol in such a case. Making a tincture that has been infused with black pepper is an option that many people choose to apply.

In Ayurveda, black pepper is often combined with ginger and long pepper. These are referred to as ‘Trikatu’ which is understood to mean ‘three acdrids’ and are used in conjunction as bioavailability enhancers. 7

If this is a route that you choose to take, this tincture is simple to mix in with some water or tea and you can take this black pepper-infused Shilajit tincture to ward off aging and lose its impact on your skin.

Black pepper is a rich source of antioxidants. If you have a dislike to this type of pepper, do not fear, you can use less pepper and still reap the benefits.

How to Look Younger with Shilajit

I have created a lotion with Sea Moss Gel and Shilajit which provides a cooling and nourishing feel. As a mask, I will leave it on overnight, after having a hot shower.

Making your mask is simple. Just follow the steps to first make your own Sea Moss Gel, and when this has set, take 1/4 of a cup of Sea Moss Gel and add 4 pea-sized drops of Shilajit to the gel and mix it through.

You will need to do this before putting the gel in the fridge as the Shilajit is more challenging to mix through when the gel has thickened.

This will give you a batch that should last at least 2 weeks with daily applications. Before using this on your face, test it on your skin in an inconspicuous area to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction. If you do notice an uncomfortable sensation, wash the gel off in cool water.

I have found that with this mask the Shilajit does a lot to nourish my skin and diminish the appearance of blemishes and the size of pores over time. With the reduction in fine lines, I can say from my experience that the anti-aging properties this blend provides are visibly noticeable.

Due to Shilajit’s antioxidant properties, I prefer to use it at night to allow my skin to be nourished while I rest and my body goes through normal cellular repair functions. Knowing this can help with how to look younger is just a little exciting.


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