Tips Before Buying Sea Moss in Canada

We often get a lot of Customers who are based in Canada and the US reaching out to us asking about buying Sea Moss. If you are in the US or Canada I will cover some of the aspects to consider for our Customers who are looking at purchasing Sea Moss.

As we moved into the early days of 2020 we shared an article here with our Readers which included some valuable tips.

We looked closely at what to know before you buy Sea Moss along with some other areas where there has been confusion. As this article attracted more and more comments, we needed to explore specific responses in depth, and give them the due space they required for better consideration as their own topic.

In April 2020, Steve, one of our Readers asked:

Hi I’m based in Canada.
I started taking sea moss but could have been told Irish moss is the best to use.. is this true or should I purchase from Caribbean or yourselves?
Additionally, which seamoss is best for you?


Buying Sea Moss in Canada

Considering that Steve is based in Canada, and the biggest obstacle for many of our Canadian and American Customers is the cost of freight from Australia, we began to explore how we could offer a ‘free freight’ option to help reduce the impact here. In response to Steve, I wrote:

Hello Steve,

That’s a good question. There’s a lot of confusion about which Sea Moss is popularly known to be the Sea Moss that people are seeking out. Some call this Irish Moss Seaweed, while others have shortened it which makes it sound less ‘seaweedy’.

The confusion in the market about what Chondrus Crispus is (see this article on spotting fake Sea Moss) hasn’t been helped with the mislabeling of products over the years. Chondrus Crispus is the flat red lettuce leaf looking species of seaweed that typically grows in much cooler waters than what we know popularly as Sea Moss.

Chondrus Crispus

There are different nutritional values between the species of seaweed you’ll find discussed on our website. Currently, we only have the one type of Sea Moss available for sale to our Customers in Canada at this stage. This is due to what we have found to be of value to us in this seaweed over the years.


Integrity of the Data

For a bit more on the nutritional value in our species of Sea Moss there’s the beginning of an outline here. We’re always digging deeper into the industry, and progressively working on the full mineral analysis of the species we supply. This is a long and costly process, but we’re chipping away at it.

Once we have the assessments completed in full, and have a means to ensure that the data is unable to be misappropriated and applied to any other species of seaweed through the blockchain projects we are investigating, we will be opening this up to our Customers. This too is a lengthy and costly process, but we’re determined that we will see this through.

Chondrus Crispus Nutritional Data

As far as evaluations on Chondrus Crispus goes, we haven’t taken any steps ourselves at this stage towards investing in this area, so I can’t ‘hand on heart’ speak to the actual differences. All I can do is go by the data compiled by others, and that indicates to me that there are distinct differences.

As far as which will serve you the best, that is a matter I would leave to you to discuss with your Nutritionist. It’s worth discussing your circumstances with them first, and then making a choice about which way to go.

Should I Buy Sea Moss from You?

With regards as to where to purchase from, and who to purchase through, this is up to you and I expect that your decision will be made based on evaluating the factors that matter to you the most.

I can’t speak to the quality of other suppliers, farms, or the species they sell, and I’m not going to say that are any better or worse. In my eyes they are just doing them while we do us the best way we possibly can.

I know that our seaweed has been selected based on rigorous testing, visiting many farms in quite a few countries over the years, and sampling many different types of seaweed obtained through many different sources.

Click here for the full size map.

This is a process that I have been involved with prior to the establishment of our business. It is for this reason that the only seaweed you’ll find in my kitchen is the one that we source and sell here.

Unlike some other Seller in this space who I have had extensive video calls with, we haven’t simply picked up stock from some random Supplier in the hopes of making a quick buck. We use our Sea Moss every day, and that is key to our maintaining good health in our opinion.

I hope that this has been helpful in your search for buying Sea Moss in Canada and the US. And I also hope that by adding a free freight option helps you discover and enjoy this amazing gift from the Ocean too!

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