Where does Sea Moss come from?

Sea moss is a type of seaweed that grows easily in tropical waters. Normally people associate Sea Moss with the Caribbean, and with wildcrafting.

However, this does not mean that there is an exclusive licence to this gem from the sea from the Caribbean as being the only type of Sea Moss that is good for you.

Sea Moss, as we know it, grows in many different locations around the world. The Caribbean is known as being the region in which the movement started up again after laying dormant since the Irish Potato Famine of the mid 1840’s. There are different types of seaweed that are known as Irish Sea Moss.

But is there a difference between these types of Sea Moss? At a number of levels there are. These are subject to the waters they grow in, the species of seaweed, if they are native to that area, and a whole range of other factors.

These types of seaweed typically come from the same family, and posses similar properties.

Where does Wildcrafted Sea Moss come from?

On the topic of wildcrafting, this report on the The Production and use of Eucheuma within the seaweed industry shows that the actual proportion of wildcrafted seaweed on the market is a lot lower than you would have thought.

Many companies claim to source their Sea Moss by wildcrafting, when they actually don’t.

But is that really such a big issue? In our opinion, no, it is not. We believe that there is more damage being done through wildcrafting, particularly when it is done at a commercial scale.

The rationale behind why we are not supportive of wildcrafting is that it takes more away from the environment than it gives.

And if you were to wildcraft for commercial purposes, rather than limited or controlled personal use, then you are pillaging the planet rather than looking after it. We believe that that is a shameful thing to do.

We are on the side of sustainable farming practices. We support the responsible farming of seaweed in the open ocean, and protecting our planet.

But what does that mean for you as the Customer? Are you losing out because your Sea Moss is ocean harvested through controlled practices compared to the alternative?

Not at all. The seaweed that grows in the ocean takes up the nutrients in the water around it. Regardless of whether it is farmed or wildcrafted.

Why Sustainable Matters

Seaweed has a Long History

If you look back in history, you’ll find evidence of seaweed, including Sea Moss, being used as a food source and a natural aid to healing and wellness in many places.

One such case can be found in Monte Verde II, Chile. Here, Archaeologists have found specimens of seaweed dating back thousands of years that came from more than 50 miles away! 1

But it’s not just Chile that has a long history with seaweed. Ireland, Norway, Vietnam, Malaysia, and even in many parts of Africa there is a history of seaweed being used for food and medicine.

However, when most people think of seaweed in food their minds go straight to Japan, or possibly China.

What we are doing to promote awareness of Sea Moss for food

We have invested heavily in testing various species of Sea Moss from around the world to find the cleanest, and most minerally complete Sea Moss we can.

My wife and I started doing this for ourselves so we could make sure we weren’t eating harmful produce. And now, we are bringing the results of our research to you.

We don’t want you to simply take our word for it. We want you to do your research too so you feel 100% confident in the choices you are making.

When you are investing in your health you are making the single most important investment you can about your physical state. This is very important to us, and it should be very important to you too.

Our seaweed comes from select farms in areas we have personally visited, and continue to visit, in a handful of countries. The waters are so clean you can see the sand at the bottom, even when you are out in very deep water.

A great source of nutrition that the world is waking up to. Find this image on Instagram.

The Sea Moss is so clean that I look forward to being able to pick right out of the water and eat it fresh when I’m there. For me, it’s a real treat to be able to enjoy a source of Sea Moss that is so pure.

We are committed to supporting the Farmers we work with, and their communities.

Through your buying Sea Moss from our online store you too are supporting the development of their communities, and the lives of those people within them.


Sea moss, a type of seaweed celebrated for its health benefits, thrives in various global locations beyond its popular association with the Caribbean. The article underscores the importance of sustainable harvesting practices over wildcrafting to protect environmental resources.

Highlighting the historical significance of seaweed in diverse cultures, it advocates for responsible consumption and supports seaweed farming as a means to harness the nutritional benefits of sea moss without compromising ecosystem integrity.

Share your experience on our Instagram! We’d love to hear from you.


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