Best Alkaline Water Pitcher; Updated for 2020

Alkaline water pitchers are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. They enable us to purify our water in a cost-effective way and add beneficial minerals to our drinking water.

But choosing an alkaline water pitcher can be a difficult task, as there is a wide variety of units available.

To add to this, there are many considerations to factor in. Things such as pH levels, price, filter life, minerals removed/blocked and ones added back in. It can become a bit confusing trying to sort through the huge amounts of information provided.

How to find the Best Alkalizing Water Pitcher

At Detox&Cure, we look to make things as simple as possible. No need to over-complicate things. That’s why we wanted to put together a Top 5 List of alkaline water pitchers to help you make an informed decision.

The first table will include a quick rundown of the units we recommend, and further down an in-depth breakdown of each unit.

A vital note when Assessing a Suitable Alkalizing Water Pitcher

If you plan on purchasing an alkaline water pitcher, you need to do some background research into the water you are planning on filtering.

Depending on the chemicals added and impurities found, you need to ensure that the unit you purchase filters these out.

What is alkaline water?

We have an in-depth guide on alkaline water which gives you much more detail. But to sum it up simply, alkaline water is where the water has a pH level of above 7 on the pH scale.

Although there is a healthy way to create alkaline water and a chemically processed way. At Detox&Cure, we only recommend the healthy way of creating and consuming alkaline water.

Using chemicals to raise the pH level is not a healthy way to create alkaline water. Using natural or technologically assisted methods, as we advocate, is the better, healthier method as the water is clean and pure.

Should I drink alkaline water? Why?

There is a range of benefits to drinking alkaline water, and only in rare instances any negative side effects.

You can read about the list of benefits here. Again, put simply, you can experience better-quality water, through improved taste, added vital minerals, and removal of harmful contaminants.

Alkaline water can be a fantastic addition to a healthy lifestyle. It is not a “miracle cure” of sorts, but can greatly benefit someone with a clean, healthy diet.

Our Top 5 List of Alkalizing Water Pitchers

Pitcher NamepH LevelFilter LifePriceValue For Money
pH Restore Glass
Alkaline Water Pitcher
Up to 1096 gallons
(360 liters)
$$★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal
Glass Water Pitcher
Up to 1040 gallons
(150 liters)
$$$★ ★ ★
Seychelle pH2O
Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Up to 9.5100 gallons
(380 liters)
$$★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Lake Industries
Alkaline Water Pitcher
Up to 940 gallons
(150 liters)
$★ ★ ★
pH Recharge 3 Filter
Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer
Up to 10288 gallons
(108 liters)
$$$★ ★

pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

The pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher is our number one pitcher to recommend, as it is the best all-rounder. With a clean filter, this pitcher can produce water up to a pH of 10.

It is the pitcher with one of the most efficient filters available, all while still providing quality water. An average filter will have a life of roughly 96 gallons (360 liters) of water.

This pitcher removes impurities such as chlorine and adds back in minerals such as calcium, resulting in cleaner and healthier water. It can also remove odors and discoloration from the original water supply.

Although the design looks sleek (and it does), there can be issues with the lid if not properly maintained. The lid needs to be cleaned with soap every week or two. This is to help prevent mold forming on the lid, which is listed as a common issue for this filter.

Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Glass Water Pitcher

The Dafi Alkaline Water Pitcher is able to alkalize your water up to 10 pH. It has a short filter life capacity, averaging around 40 gallons (150 liters) per filter. The short filter life should not be off-putting however, as the quality of the filter makes up for the short lifespan.

This filter is on par in most areas with other water pitchers in filtering out impurities and adding minerals back in. The difference is that is also breaks down the inactive micro-organisms, which helps to improve the water quality even further.

There is also the added benefit is that the filter works much quicker than other pitchers on the market.

To top it all off, this unit is also shatter-proof, all while also boasting scratch, impact, and strain resistance to ensure the pitcher works stronger for longer.

This pitcher is best suited for someone who wants to have the best quality water pitcher available, regardless of cost.

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The Seychelle pH20 Water Pitcher can alkalize your water to a pH of 9.5. Its filter life boasts up to 100 gallons (380 liters) of water.

The filter removes the usual impurities and adds in the normal minerals. It is unique in the aspect that it filters both organic and inorganic contaminants, resulting in less acidic contaminants remaining in the water.

Seychelle also claims that their water filters alkalize water not for a certain period of time, but indefinitely.

That is certainly a useful benefit if you plan on storing water outside of the pitcher. The pitcher is also a smaller unit that most, making it much easier to store in the fridge.

Interestingly, Seychelle is one of the oldest in the alkaline water pitchers business. They are able to list themselves among the original pioneers of the alkalizing water business.

Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher is a cheaper alternative to our other recommended alkaline water pitchers. It still a great pitcher and capable of producing water with a pH of 9.

The filter life is approximately 40 gallons (150 liters) per filter. The good news is that the filters are lower in price than most competitors, meaning it is much cheaper to keep this unit running and producing quality water.

This pitcher is on par with other filters when it comes to removing contaminants and adding back in healthy minerals.

Due to the pitcher’s lower price point, it does not have any of the “fancy extras” that other water pitchers do.

This unit is a great buy for anyone who has a low budget or is valuing lower price over high-end quality.

pH Recharge 3 Filter Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer

While this one is not quite a pitcher, the pH Recharge 3 Filter Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer is still an easy to use unit which can sit on your counter-top.

This makes it a great unit to fill and leave out, using the tap for water as required. It is also very easy to refill as you can pour larger volumes of water and leave it to filter.

While it may be a slightly different design, it is still easy to use and produces great quality water. It comes in a 3 filter or single filter system.

The unit can produce water up to 10 pH. The filter life is listed as 96 gallons (360 liters) for the single filter model, and triples for the 3 filter model (288 gallons/1080 liters). The 3 filter unit also filters water much more quickly than the single filter model.

While the initial purchase might be more expensive than our other recommended alkaline water pitchers, the long term investment can pay off. You will save on filters due to their longer life and filtering capabilities.

We also have a Top 7 List of Alkaline Water Ionizers

The Ionizers are quite different compared to pitchers as they are a more permanent fixture. Some are still mobile, but certainly less mobile than an alkaline water pitcher.

They do have benefits, however. Things such as longer filter life, the ability to connect directly to a tap, and the option to add more minerals back into each glass of water.

You can check out our list on Our Top 7 List of Alkaline Water Ionizers here!

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      After a quick review of the product, I can see there are many satisfied customers.
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      The pitcher looks like a good unit, but you just need to be wary that replacement filters are quite costly even when factoring in their longer filter life.

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