How Does The Doctor Sebi Diet Work?

To put it as succinctly as possible, the Doctor Sebi Diet works based on the principle of a two-fold approach to:

  1. Cleansing the body of waste and toxins through fasting, and
  2. Nourishing the body at a cellular level with foods that are free from starch and are alkalizing.

Once the body has been purged of as much of the toxic and metabolic waste that has built up in it over time, it is them able to be given what it needs to take the healing process to the next level.

But who is this Doctor Sebi? You may not have heard of him before, so let’s take a little bit of a look into the past.

It has just gone 2 years since the Honduran Herbalist, Alfredo Darrington Bowman, affectionately known as Doctor Sebi passed away. Bowman is the man behind the renowned Doctor Sebi Diet, which has been followed with an almost religious dedication by many around the world for decades.

The Dr. Sebi Diet focuses on maintaining an alkaline diet. There are popularly held views that Doctor Sebi’s studies were strongly influenced by his Grandmother, Mama Hay, and a traditional Herbalist he sought out in Mexico. Applying African medicinal methodologies, Doctor Sebi relied on natural botanicals to detox and cleanse the body.

The Methodology Behind the Dr. Sebi Diet

Dr. Sebi firmly believed that a body in an acidic state was exposed to a higher risk of disease. As a result, the Doctor Sebi Diet was designed to introduce alkalizing foods to change the state of the body, flushing out toxins that had accumulated over time, and replenishing depleted minerals. 1

Dr. Sebi taught that damaged cell tissue that had been impacted by acidity could recover and rejuvenate through the consumption of specific cell foods. Improved health was reported to have been seen in the appearance and functioning of the skin, kidneys, liver, lymph glands, gall bladder, and colon.

The Doctor Sebi Diet takes a holistic approach to treating the individual, rather than simply treating the pathology or the symptoms of the disease. Referred to as inter-cellular cleansing, Sebi’s diet had cured him of a range of complications that conventional practitioners were unable to.

Suffering from obesity, asthma, impotency, and diabetes, Sebi had treated himself based on the guidance of the Mexican Herbalist in line with the values instilled by his Grandmother. It is largely on this basis that Dr. Sebi has built his methodology.

Known for being on the other side of the fence about modern medicine, Sebi challenges European medicine to prove it has cured anything in its 400-year history. This may sound extreme, but many swear by the Doctor Sebi Diet and what it has done for them that modern medicine couldn’t.

Where Does Sebi Believe Disease Comes From?

Doctor Sebi applied a bio-mineral balance approach to medicine that has its roots in African tradition. Rather than looking at diseases coming from germs, bacteria, or viruses diseases are evaluated as being developed where damage has been done to the mucus membrane resulting in it being compromised.

Through treating the patient with plant-based remedies the body is taking in more substances of an alkaline constitution and not ‘harmful carcinogenic chemicals and poisons’ as Dr. Sebi describes them. The disease can only exist in an environment that is acidic. His diet is specifically designed to replace lost or depleted minerals and return the body to an alkaline state while removing built-up toxins.

The Doctor Sebi Diet looks to support the primary organs responsible for the elimination of toxins from the body. These organs which complete highly important processing functions within the body include the:

  • Liver
  • Skin
  • Lymph glands
  • Kidneys
  • Gall bladder, and
  • Colon.

Where the body is unable to function as it should, it is not able to effectively eliminate toxins through these organs. This inability to flush itself out results in an accumulation of toxins within the body, which end up being recycled in the body, eventually manifesting disease.

The shocking truth that Dr. Sebi teaches is that in this toxic state, the body begins to malfunction, and effectively break down the weaker organs as a result of its inability to purge these harmful toxins.

Of all the organs listed, Doctor Sebi’s methodology identifies the colon as being looked upon as the most important organ. Sebi teaches that it must be cleansed and detoxified before successful steps can be taken to treat and reverse the effects of the disease.

As important as colon cleansing is in the Doctor Sebi Diet, the focus of the diet is ultimately holistic. If your colon is the single organ that is detoxified and cleansed, all other organs that are not detoxified and cleansed will still hold toxicity, which will result in the body still being in a diseased state. The video below shares the key principles of Dr. Sebi’s methodology. Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “How Does The Doctor Sebi Diet Work?”

    • Hello Scott,

      Apologies about the delay in addressing this. I’ve fixed the link.

  1. I heard about the Doctor Sebi diet a long time ago but didn’t think much of it back then. It seems now that more and more people are talking about it. I have been told that he was introduced to sea moss by Left Eye from TLC. Is that true?

    • Hello Claudette, yes, it is true that Lisa Lopes introduced Doctor Sebi to Sea Moss. If you go to our main Sea Moss page you will find the video where Doctor Sebi explains this himself.

    • Hello Kyle,

      Thank you for your question.

      To say that the Doctor Sebi diet works for all diseases would be irresponsible of me. My reply to your question is by nature based on my personal experience and circumstances with my own results in mind. Please keep in mind that I’m not a medical practitioner who knows your personal circumstances.

      Having said this, when it comes to medical treatment for diseases, I would strongly advise anyone looking for specific medical treatment to consult someone they trust. Someone that they can see in person.

      The information shared here is intended to open your mind up to other options. I put time and effort into providing this to help bring perspective and hope to those who feel they have tried everything to no avail. If this opens up another door for you, or someone else, then I’m glad to have been here. As you have done in reading this article, Kyle, you need to continue to do your own research. I applaud you for making the effort to explore the options there are to learn about.

      To recap a little, Doctor Sebi was a remarkable Healer who achieved some amazing results for his clients through a range of approaches; fasting, alkaline diets, consuming sea moss, and taking a range of herbs which he was very well educated in. The challenge he was faced with later in life was that he was charged for practicing medicine without a licence. The complexities of this story go deep, and it is worth learning more about it for your own perspective.

      However, to answer your question based on what I believe, there are positive benefits to be had from making positive changes in your life. Without wanting to sound vague and nondescript, please keep in mind that some diseases and conditions are based on genetics, which are things that the person suffering from would need to manage.

      But can the Doctor Sebi diet cure all diseases?

      We need to take an objective look at a few factors. For example, blindness. If you were born blind, following Dr. Sebi’s diet is very unlikely to bring you sight. But Dr. Sebi was hailed for curing blindness. It is important to note that this was not the blindness of a person who was born blind, without the required physical makeup to have sight, but the blindness of a person whose sight had deteriorated over time. This blindness may have been brought on due to a range of factors.

      It is important to note, for the skeptics out there, that Dr. Sebi is not the only person who has had success in restoring sight, among other things in our time. Fred Hollows, a renowned Surgeon, spent his life working tirelessly to restore sight to people suffering blindness. His foundation lives on today, treating blindness and restoring sight for people around the world. But this is not about the New Zealand born Fred Hollows, this is about the great Honduran Herbalist, Alfredo Darrington Bowman, affectionately known as Dr. Sebi.

      So, back to the point. Taking the time to look at how wholefoods and an alkaline diet can help your body to repair itself may bring you relief from symptoms, or they may even take you much closer to full recovery than you previously thought possible. Keep in mind that the previously mentioned genetics will play a part here. Dr. Sebi was able to provide some 77 witnesses to attest to his curing the diseases as stated in the newspaper reports of the day.

      In summary…

      Do I believe that Doctor Sebi successfully did this for these people? Yes, I do.
      Do I believe that other people can see positive results by making positive changes to their lives. Be that through a wholefood plant based diet, drinking water more frequently, fasting, consuming mineral dense vegetables like sea moss and other responsibly harvested seaweeds? Yes, I do.
      Do I believe that this ‘really works for all diseases’ as you asked? I believe that it works for all diseases, save for those of a genetic nature.

      I believe that the body is designed to heal itself. If we give it what it needs for the healing process, rather than something harmful, it will do what it is designed to do.

    • Hello again Kyle,

      According to many anecdotal accounts of healing received by those treated by Dr. Sebi, they were healed of the Herpes virus. There are a lot of testimonial accounts that can be found online (and probably just as many trolls also). How the Doctor Sebi diet treated a range of things, including the Herpes virus, ans through fasting. Typically a water fast. The process the body goes through is described by Dr. Herbert Shelton as Autolysis. Dr. Sebi is not the only person who has had results with a water fast in this regard. I have personally met people who have undertaken fasting retreats with Tyler Tolman in Bali and have come back with a clean bill of health.

      A water fast will not cost you tens of thousands of dollars to do yourself, should you choose to. But they can be quite intense, and are much easier to do with some support. Please do your research on this to find out if it is right for you before you do jump in.

      I would also like to add that there is no need to buy other products or supplements unless you feel that you need what they are offering you. The last water fast I did was for 4 days, and I found that by the end of the 2nd day I was beginning to feel more energetic. The first day and a half was the hardest.

      I do believe that you can cure Herpes with this approach, as I have met and know people who have done just so.

      I would also suggest finding out about what Don Tolman teaches. The video below is very interesting…

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