Sea Moss and Fasting; Using Sea Moss for Better Fasting

Combining Sea Moss with Fasting is an excellent way to fast for a number of reasons. Whether you are choosing to intermittent fast for part of the day, a day or two a week, or do a longer fast, Sea Moss can be of benefit to you when fasting.

Although Sea Moss has great benefits with shorter fasts, it really gets the chance to show off its amazing benefits over a longer fasting period.

What kind of fasting?

There are a few types of fasts which you can undertake:

  • Intermittent fast for part of the day

This is where you create an eating window abstain from consuming any calories outside this window.

For example, undertaking a 16:8 fast could mean that you set a certain eating window and allow yourself to consume food between 12pm and 8pm, and fast the remaining hours.

  • Fast a day or two a week

As the name implies, take one or two days in a week and abstain from consuming calories for those days.

Depending on how you want to fast, you can completely abstain from calories, or choose to eat a smaller amount, such as 600 calories for these days.

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  • Long term fast

A long term fast is where you abstain from calories for a period longer than 72 hours. While this may sound extreme, it is a fasting method that has proven results.

This is the type of fast that receives the most benefit from consuming Sea Moss.

Click here if you want to learn more about fasting, its different types and the pros and cons!

As with all fasting, please check in with your health care professional before starting to ensure that fasting is suitable for you.

How does Sea Moss and Fasting fit together?

Sea Moss is an extremely useful tool to not only make your fasting easier, but also increase the quality of your fast.

Since you are abstaining from calories, I would recommend you check out our article on water fasting to learn how use water effectively during your fast.

As a tool for fasting, it is beneficial through its:

  • Potent nutrient content
  • Natural appetite suppressant qualities, and
  • Almost non-existent calories

To break it down:

  • Potent nutrient content

If you didn’t already know, Sea Moss is well used around the world for a number of remedies. The main reason we use it for fasting is for its amazing nutrient content. Sea Moss is widely believed to contain as many as 92 minerals in it’s raw form.

If you are fasting and abstaining from food, having this added nutrient boost is a great way to ensure you are not depriving your body of any needed nutrients.

If you plan on a long term fast, you will be looking at ways to ensure you are still receiving the required minerals and nutrients. Using Sea Moss Gel mixed in with water can give you most of the nutrients.

It is critical to note that you will still need to check in with your health care professional to ensure you are getting enough of what your individual body needs.

  • Natural appetite suppressant

Sea Moss is extremely useful for fasting as it is a natural appetite suppressant.

As you are abstaining from food, having something which makes you either feel fuller for longer, or helps to slow your appetite is a wonderful tool.

By using Sea Moss with fasting, you can slow your appetite and cravings for food. You can choose to combine it with water and consume it during your fasting period, which can help control cravings.

Alternatively, you can consume it during your eating window (if applicable).

From personal experience in applying a 16:8 intermittent fasting methodology, it is best to consume Sea Moss when you first wake up. This will help with any cravings you may experience before your eating window opens.

I also consumed Sea Moss at the end of my eating window by combining it with foods that are high in fats to help me feel fuller for longer.

  • Calorie count

Since there are virtually zero calories to Sea Moss you can consume it during your fasting window without the worry of activating your stomach. A hefty serving of Sea Moss Gel will contain around 2 calories.

If you are really serious about your fasting and want to avoid calories, you probably should abstain from consuming the Sea Moss inside your fasting window. This is not recommended for long term fasting.

However, if you are just looking for a healthier lifestyle, then a small amount of calories is very unlikely to impact your fasting progress.

The benefits far outweigh the very small chance you will come out of the fasted state. The best way to find out if this suits you is to simply try it and see how you feel.

If you are planning on a longer fast, 2 calories mixed in with a large quantity of water should not cause you to come out of a fasted state. The benefits of all the nutrients in Sea Moss are too great to ignore when considering a long term fast.

Once again, if you are considering a long term fast, check in with your health professional. Not only will they be able to assist you with the fasting process, but they will also be able to guide you on getting the required minerals and nutrients your body requires to function.

On a side note

Depending on the type of fast, you should also abstain from any strenuous activity. This means heavy lifting around home and work but can also include intense exercise.

If you are intermittent fasting with a window, you should be fine to continue as normal. Just allow yourself a few days after beginning your fasting plan to let your body adjust to its new eating window.

As for a day or two fasting a week, avoid any labor-intensive activities for your fasting days and continue as normal for your non-fasting days.

For longer-term fasting, ensure you don’t undertake any strenuous activity as your body will be fairly weakened in a fasting state. Doing heavy lifting or intense cardio exercises can cause serious health issues.

Sea Moss fasting can help you get results while still providing your body with the essential minerals it requires.

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