What are the Seaweed Collagen Benefits?

Seaweed collagen benefits your health in a number of ways that animal based collagen struggles to. It is highly effective at supporting stronger and healthier:

  • Muscles, ligaments, cartilage and connective tissue
  • Eyes, organ function and digestive health, and
  • Hair, skin and nails to name a few

As we dive deeper on the topic of sourcing collagen from seaweed, you’ll begin to see that this humble, often underrated marine vegetable may well unlock a multitude of benefits for our planet in the years to come. One thing is for sure; you’re not going to learn less!

Did you know there are different types of collagen?

There are collagens which have been extracted from animals, and there are vegetable collagens. From the research that I have done, it turns out that seaweed collagen benefits are off the charts. And there are different grades of collagen as well!

Collagen has been hyped up by the media for some time now. It’s used in cosmetics and consumed in pills, lotions, potions, and powders.

Collagen is added to skin care products like anti-aging creams to enhance the appearance of your skin, and make you look younger for longer.

So what is all the hype about?

Is one type of collagen really better than the other?

What is Collagen?

Before we get too excited answering all these questions, let’s get back to basics. What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein found throughout the body. There are over 16 types of collagen that we know of. They are made up of 19 amino acids. Approximately 85% of the human body is made up of collagen types I, II, and III. These proteins are used by the:

  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Cartilage
  • Bones
  • Blood
  • Teeth
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Skin, and
  • Organs

So, in short, collagen is essential for optimal health. Collagen protein provides the building blocks that make our bodies function more effectively.

Think of collagen protein as the glue that holds our muscles and bones together. It provides the structure to our tendons and joints. The protein protects our organs and strengthens the whole body.

Cosmetics companies have been adding collagen to their products for many years now. Topical application has been shown to slow down the appearance of the aging process. It promotes plumpness and skin elasticity in the skin. Making us look and feel younger.

The biggest challenge we have is that each part of the body needs a different type of collagen to work effectively. After the age of 25 years old, our bodies stop producing collagen type I. So we need to consume it in our diets.

To make matters worse, our lifestyles may be speeding up the aging process. People who expose themselves to an unhealthy diet, have too much sun exposure, consume excessive amounts of alcohol, and smoke, are at risk.

Seaweed Collagen Benefits are Essential for Good Health

As mentioned before, there are two primary sources that we get collagen protein from. There is bovine, or animal collagen, and there is seaweed or vegetable collagen. Until recently, it was believed that collagen could only be extracted from bovine sources, but this is no longer the case.

The great thing is that Vegans and Vegetarians now have access to Collagen protein which aligns with their values. There is no need to feel the pinch of guilt that comes with that sense that you are going against your reasons for choosing your way of life.

Sea vegetables contain copious amounts of collagen protein. There are lots of seaweed collagen benefits opposed to bovine collagen benefits.

Mainly that the collagen molecular structure is more like the human collagen molecular when sourced from seaweed rather than bovine.

What-are-the-Seaweed-Collagen-Benefits-sea moss growing in the open ocean on a beach at low tide
We love a good looking batch of Sea Moss. Find this image on Instagram.

Collagen For Your Skin

The most publicized and well-known benefits of collagen is the effect it has on our skin. The mainstream media has told us that cosmetics containing collagen will improve the appearance of our skin.

When you use skincare products containing collagen, it is suggested that your skin will become more vibrant, glowing, healthy and youthful looking. This is because collagen promotes elasticity in the skin.

As we move through different stages in our lives, collagen protein plays its part. After the age of 25, the natural collagen production starts to decline, and over time fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

The skin becomes dull, loose, and in some cases starts to dry out. Of course, this is all subject to how well somebody takes care of their skin and body.

One of the ways that we can take better care of our skin is to topically apply collagen to the dermis of the skin.

By consuming collagen protein in a balanced diet, and using collagen protein topically, you could see the improvement of the elasticity of your skin in as little as four weeks.

2014 study revealed that consuming collagen can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in as little as four to eight weeks.


Other Seaweed collagen benefits are the naturally occurring anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that kill germs on the skin. All the nutrients and minerals are then absorbed into the skin, which starts the healing process.

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Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite naturally occurs in our bodies. Although we consider cellulite to be unsightly, there is no need to be concerned. It is a natural part of the aging process. However, studies have shown that we may be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

You may have heard of dermatologists, skin experts, and beauty clinics promoting seaweed wraps and masks. This is because the seaweed contains collagen protein which is absorbed straight into the skin.

Seaweed collagen benefits include many minerals and nutrients that improve the appearance of the skin.

Because the seaweed is applied directly onto the skin, it targets stubborn cellulite. The collagen protein improves the elastin in the skin and burns the fat which reduces the cottage cheese appearance of cellulite.

A 2015 study showed that collagen protein improves the improvement in skin texture and firmness.

Joint and/or Muscle Pain

As we age, some people may experience aching, pain and stiffness in their joints and muscles. This is due to weakening cartilage which has deteriorated with age.

The symptoms of Arthritis is due to the reduction of the mucous membranes between the bones and inside the joints. Consuming collagen can reduce or even reverse the symptoms caused by Arthritis.

In a 1993 study, where participants experiencing rheumatoid arthritis were asked to take collagen supplements. They experienced a reduction in inflammation and pain. Some of the participants reported remission of their rheumatoid arthritis.

A 2009 study of participants with osteoarthritis were asked to take collagen supplements. This resulted in a 40% decrease in osteoarthritis symptoms. So if you experience joint and/or muscle pain, it may be worth consuming more collagen protein.

Gut Health

Our digestive system is made up of connective tissue. Collagen protein supports and strengthens the connective tissue and the lining of the digestive tract.

An unhealthy gut can lead to numerous health problems. People with leaky gut experience inflammatory bowel problems. Acids and parasites make their way into the bloodstream and affect the way the body functions.

A 2003 study showed that people with leaky gut syndrome have lower levels of collagen in their intestines.

Irish Sea Moss gel is a great option because it’s easy to consume. The gel provides the collagen protein for the gastrointestinal tract and adds many healthy bacteria, nutrients, and minerals.

Taking supplements does not have the same effect because the supplements have been chemically manufactured. Our bodies have difficulty absorbing the important nutrients that it needs.

As a wholefood, Irish Sea Moss is able to be absorbed by the body more efficiently, rightfully earning it the title of being a super food. When prepared, Irish Sea Moss has little to no flavor and can be used in lots of recipes.

Seaweed is used commercially and in the home in recipes like ice-cream, smoothies, protein shakes, gravies and soups, salads and stir-fries. The possibilities are endless.

In Summary

We now know that the seaweed collagen benefits exceed the bovine collagen benefits, primarily because our bodies absorb these amino acids better.

The molecular structure of collagen from seaweed is very similar to the molecular structure of collagen found in our bodies. Be kind to your body, and be kind to the environment. Seaweeds is a great source of collagen protein.

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About the Author

Christine has long been on the path to optimal health. With a history of weight loss coaching she is driven by a passion for nutrition, health and wellness. Having grown up in Africa before migrating to New Zealand, and then Australia, she has seen very strong contrasts in quality of life and is driven to help others understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to life.

10 thoughts on “What are the Seaweed Collagen Benefits?”

  1. I love sea moss! It has been so good for my skin and i use it every day to help me look young. My mother put me on to this when she discovered it and i have been told i look 10yrs younger. How often do you need to make a fresh batch?

  2. Hey Amanda,

    We make ours about every 10 days. Normally it takes about 10g of dried sea moss and a little under a liter of water for the average batch. This can change because mot all pieces of sea moss are the same, but typically this is the normal ratio. Just keep in mind that if you add more water it is going to be runnier. Keeping it in the fridge once made is really important.

  3. I’ve read a few of your articles here and have a question. Once you put the gel on your skin is it normal for your skin to feel tight?

  4. Hello Melissa,

    Thanks for asking. Yes it is. As the gel dries it will cause your skin to feel tighter.

  5. Other than the collagen being from plants and not animals, what is it about seaweed collagen that makes it so good?

  6. Hello Joan,

    Thank you for asking. This is interesting as plant based collagen assimilates with the human body more effectively. Studies have shown that collagen strands from animals (bovine) are of a different structure to human collagen, while collagen from plants are very similar. The images below show the scale of the side of the collagen pores when frozen, and microscopic images of bovine and human (plant based) collagen fibers.

    A, B and C are human (plant based) collagen fibers, while D, E and F are bovine collagen fibers.


  7. You said in this post that seaweed collagen helps with reducing cellulite. Is it because the collagen in seaweed is smaller than the collagen in animals like in the picture above? I don’t really get how this works.

  8. Hello Jess,

    Thank you for your question. I’ve found that the sea moss gel causes my skin to feel like it is tightening particularly after it dries. It can stay moist for longer if it is applied thicker. I notice this around my eyebrows. When I use sea moss gel I feel like my skin is cleaner and fuller.

  9. Hello Helen,

    Thank you for your question. The collagen from plant based sources is a smaller structure than bovine collagen, and so, it fit into the human matrix better.

    Think of it this way, you don’t get a smooth finish when you try to fill a hole with big rocks. If you use sand instead, the smaller grains are able to fill the hole more evenly and you can get a smoother finish on the top of the hole.

    Bovine collagen is a bit like the rocks, it can assimilate with the human body, but not as effectively as plant based collagen. So, when you have a plant based source of collagen, like seaweed, the benefits can include the stubborn areas of cellulite filing in and the matrix rebuilding more effectively. This may take some time depending on the condition of the cellulite, but over time you should see some improvements you are happy with.

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