What is Lakanto Sweetener and is it Good for You?

If you’re new to a lot of alternative sweeteners, you may be wondering what Lakanto sweetener is. Lakanto is a relatively unknown ingredient with a large number of health benefits.

So today we will be diving into What is Lakanto Sweetener, and discuss why you should include some in your diet!

Lakanto sweetener is a perfect substitute for sugar in all recipes, but it is a much healthier alternative to sugar.

What is Lakanto Sweetener?

Lakanto sweetener is a derivative of the monk fruit, a fruit native to regions of China and Thailand. It looks like a small green gourd as pictured below. 1

To process of creating the sweetener is to remove the seeds and skin of the fruit. The remaining fruit is then crushed, where the juice will be collected and then dried into a concentrated powder.

After juicing and drying, the sweetener becomes a powder that is somewhere between 150 to 300 times sweeter than sugar (sources vary). If you are looking for an even healthier alternative, there’s also a golden Lakanto monk fruit sweetener, which is closer to brown sugar.

What is Lakanto Sweetener - dried monk
Dried Monk Fruit

What is Lakanto sweetener good for?

The main benefit of consuming Lakanto is that it has:

  • Zero calories
  • Zero grams of sugar
  • Roughly four grams of carbohydrates
  • And has just four grams of sugar alcohol

It also doesn’t impact blood sugar or insulin levels, meaning it is safe for diabetics or people suffering from hypoglycemic conditions. It is also useful in maintaining sustained energy levels as it does not trigger an insulin release.

So if you’re watching your sugar intake or you are on the ketogenic diet, Lakanto is a good option. This is because the only ingredients in Lakanto sweetener are erythritol and monk fruit extract. 2

Other noted benefits of consuming Lakanto are:

  • Lowering overall glucose levels
  • Helping to protect the liver by working as an antimicrobial
  • Providing plenty of anti-oxidant properties
  • Offering anti-inflammatory effects
  • Providing a good source of fibre

How would I use this sweetener in my diet?

Lakanto sweetener can be substituted for sugar very simply, as the texture is very similar. The other bonus is that it is a direct 1:1 ratio when substituting sugar.

This means all of your favourite baking recipes can be easily turned into a much healthier snack or dessert without any complicated conversions!

It needs to be noted that even though Lakanto sweetener is healthier than sugar, it does not mean you can consume excess or extra amounts in your diet. While certainly a healthier alternative, you can suffer similar side effects to overconsuming sugar. More details below.

What is Lakanto Sweetener - substitute.
An impressive sugar substitute that is also keto frendly! Lakanto is worth looking more closely at. Find this image on Instagram.

Is Lakanto sweetener any good for weight loss?

Unfortunately, Lakanto sweetener is not a great tool for weight loss. It can, however, be a great supporting ingredient in combination with a healthy diet.

As it is very low in carbohydrates and contains zero calories, it can be used with foods to help satisfy any cravings for sweet or sugary goods.

If you are doing Intermittent Fasting, Lakanto can be particularly useful to quell sugar cravings and help keep your blood sugar levels in check during your eating window.

Are there any side effects to consuming Lakanto?

There are some side effects to consuming Lakanto sweetener. These side effects, however, are no different from consuming sugar. You may experience:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • An upset stomach
  • Headaches
  • Or potentially gastrointestinal problems

Most of these side effects will only be felt when you overconsume sugar, so the same principles apply to this sweetener. As long as you balance your Lakanto intake with a healthy diet you should be able to avoid feeling any side effects.

For a more detailed look at the side effects of sugar on the body, check out our in-depth break down here!


What is Lakanto sweetener made of?

Lakanto sweetener is made from monk fruit, native to China and Thailand, and erythritol. The monk fruit is processed by removing seeds and skin, crushing the fruit, and then drying the extracted juice into a concentrated powder. This process results in a sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar and includes both the monk fruit extract and erythritol as its main ingredients, making it a zero-calorie, zero-sugar option that does not impact blood sugar levels, suitable for diabetics and those on a ketogenic diet

Is Lakanto sugar healthy?

Yes, Lakanto sugar is considered healthy due to its zero glycemic index, meaning it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels, making it suitable for diabetics, those on a ketogenic diet, and anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Does Lakanto taste like sugar?

Yes, Lakanto is designed to taste like sugar, offering a sweet flavour profile that makes it a popular choice for those seeking a sugar alternative without compromising on taste.


Lakanto sweetener emerges as a health-conscious choice for those seeking sugar alternatives. It’s celebrated for its zero glycemic impact, making it an ideal substitute for individuals monitoring blood sugar levels or following specific dietary regimens like the keto diet.

‘What is Lakanto Sweetener’ article underscores its benefits, particularly for diabetics and health enthusiasts, highlighting its natural origins and the absence of adverse effects on blood sugar, thereby positioning Lakanto as a favourable option for a healthier lifestyle.

Have you used Lakanto before? Let us know if you have any further questions about what Lakanto sweetener could be used for. We are also keen to hear about your experiences on our Instagram. If you have used Lakanto , how have you found this as a sugar replacement?


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