Eating Seaweed: Is Sea Moss Good For You?

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my health and wellbeing. So here is the big question; is Sea Moss good for you?

Now proudly standing next to Acai, Berries, Edamame, Kale, and and many more, Irish Sea Moss is a Superfood so, I’ll take that as a resounding YES!

When it comes to my health, I like to take a holistic approach. Everything in moderation and lots of the good stuff like Superfoods.

Most days you’ll find me with something containing some of this great seaweed. It has quickly become one of my favorite additions in my food, beverage and even in my beauty routine.

As a nutritious algae, it has very little odor or flavor and provides a thick creamy consistency which I love. I add it to my morning smoothie, my chai tea and coffee, among other meals.

It offers numerous health benefits which we have looked much closer at in some of our deeper articles. It contains whole host of minerals which are great for bodybuilders and athletes, particularly in support of post workout recovery.

It helps to improve recovery time and provides valuable nutrients and minerals to keep them strong. Raw is also great for general health, nutrition and it’s healing effects on the digestive tract.

Did you know that eating seaweed everyday is good for your health? Sea Moss is a ocean vegetable that is packed full of nutrients and minerals. Additionally, the fibre in sea vegetables is a great source of prebiotics which feeds the gut bacteria. Find out more on Instagram.
Soaked Natural Sea Moss. Notice that there are differences in tone which is a sign of natural sun bleaching and not chemical bleaching. Find out more on Instagram.

How is Sea Moss Good for You?

This amazing sea vegetable contains many nutrients and minerals. It’s a quality source of organified iodine which simulates with the body easily and promotes healing. [1]

The health benefits which have been studied in connection with this seaweed are almost endless. Some of these include helping with:

  • Blood pressure [2]
  • Diabetes [3]
  • Digestive Health [4]
  • Heart health [5, 6]
  • Immune support [7]
  • Wound healing and skin health [8]
  • Weight loss, and much more. [9]

Some of the exciting properties found in this special seaweed are that it that includes it being:

  • Antioxidant [10]
  • Antibacterial [11]
  • Anticoagulant [12]
  • Anti-inflammatory [13]
  • Antimicrobial [14]
  • Anti-viral [15]
  • Alkalising [16]
  • Mineral dense and nutritious, and [17]
  • Promotes circulation [8]

Sea Moss is Nature’s Gift

If you’re still wondering ‘Is Sea Moss good for you?’, you can comfortably stop wondering. Sea Moss is nature’s gift for all who are willing to enjoy the benefits.

If you have spoken with your trusted Doctor or Dietitian and they are happy with you making a change to your diet, you can start adding it to your food and beverages.

Make sure to look for new recipes and keep things interesting. We plan to add more recipes to our website which feature Sea Moss Gel. So, feel free to browse or sign up for our email alerts.

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