Irish Moss Seaweed; What are the Benefits?

Irish Moss Seaweed may be a new thing for you, and if it is, we’ve got a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to know about this amazing marine vegetable that is getting more and more traction. Take a wander with us through the seaweed farm as we look closer at what is popularly known as Sea Moss by many, or Irish Moss Seaweed by others.

Discover Irish Moss Seaweed

Table of Contents

1 – What is Irish Moss Seaweed?
2 – The story behind Irish Moss Seaweed as a Food Source
3 – Seaweed as an Environmentally Sustainable Wholefood
4 – Why isn’t Detox and Cure’s Seaweed Wildcrafted?
5 – But I’ve never heard of Wildcrafting, what is it?
6 – How do I know it’s not Fake?
7 – Is Irish Moss Seaweed Carrageenan?
8 – What can you use Irish Moss Seaweed in?
9 – Making Irish Moss Gel
10 – Using Irish Moss Gel in Foods
11 – What are the benefits of Seaweed?
12 – How Seaweed Supports Good Mental Health
13 – Irish Moss Seaweed and Pregnancy
14 – Taking a Holistic Approach
15 – Irish Moss Seaweed as a Preventative Measure
16 – Combining Irish Moss Seaweed with Other Seaweeds
17 – Irish Moss Seaweed for Younger Looking Skin
18 – Seaweed: A Vegan Source of Collagen Stimulation
19 – Why You Need Irish Moss Gel
20 – Irish Moss Seaweed FAQs

What is Irish Moss Seaweed?

Irish Moss Seaweed, sometimes more commonly referred to as Sea Moss, is a seaweed which is popularly known to grow abundantly in the rockier waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But did you know that it is also known to grow in other hospitable waters around the world?

Irish Moss Seaweed, the great alkalizer is also known by some people as Chondrus Crispus, Gracilaria, Kappaphycus Alvarezii or even Eucheuma Cottonii. It had become a general name that had been applied to a range of seaweed species, almost interchangeably across different regions over the years.

However, to say that Chondrus Crispus is the same as Eucheuma Cottonii is not correct.

There are differences between the species. But like many things in life, people have commonly called them by the names that they have, possibly because that’s what they have heard from others over the years.

This is a part of the beauty of different cultures and languages, and possibly a little miscommunication unintentionally thrown in for good measure.

Kind of like the difference between translation and transliteration. This can bring about some understandable confusion when looking at the many different types of seaweed available on the market.

The story behind Irish Moss Seaweed as a Food Source

Irish Moss as we know it today is no different to what it was way back in the days of the Irish Potato Famine in the 1840’s. The only thing that has changed is how we seem to be looking at it today.

During the height of the famine the Irish population dropped dramatically, with the harshest year being 1847.

It is believed that this all came about as a result of the most impactful potato blight in European history. During these hard times many turned to the sea as a source of nutrition, specifically, Irish Moss Seaweed.

Today, this amazing seaweed is coming into a new light as a superfood.

Much maligned as peasant food after the famine, it lost the mantle it once had from sustaining those who relied upon it.

Thankfully, in more recent times, seaweed is being looked to as a rich source of nutrition, and it may hold the key to solving the starvation problem on a global scale.

Seaweed as an Environmentally Sustainable Wholefood

We have chosen to work with Farmers who carefully cultivate and harvest specific species of seaweed, which are a wholefood. Research has shown that the increased cultivation and harvesting of seaweeds in parts of the world have helped to improve the health of the oceans in countries including:

  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Korea
  • China
  • Zanzibar
  • The Caribbean
  • The Philippines
  • Brazil, and
  • Australia

The impressive thing is that many seaweeds are able to be cultivated in such a way that they give back to the environment more than they take away.

If you’re anything like us, making choices that you know will benefit others and the planet, in positive ways are important.

This is why we have put so much effort into sourcing the best quality and still affordable Irish Moss Seaweed.

You may however choose to buy other seaweed instead, and that’s ok, so we have some tips that can help you find the right Irish Moss Seaweed. One that is both an equitable product and is also high quality.

With responsible cultivation and harvesting there have been noticeable improvements in the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) and acidity (pH) levels, and return oxygen (O2) to the water.

This has helped to improve the living conditions for other marine life, and the planet as a whole. Ocean Dead Zones do not need to be a permanent feature on our planet.

Why isn’t Detox and Cure’s Seaweed Wildcrafted?

While there is a big buzz around wildcrafting seaweed, we are not supporters of this approach to harvesting seaweed of any variety.

The carefully balanced natural environment where these seaweeds are wildcrafted from quite often depend upon their presence to keep things in check.

When compared to responsible farming, the volume of seaweed which is wildcrafted on a commercial scale is shocking. The sad this is that the seaweed that has been taken away from where it was collected has not been replaced.

More often than not, nothing is done to reinstate the seaweed population, or to compensate for the reduction of the food supply for the marine life in the area, or to reinstate their lost habitat.

We don’t want to be responsible for upsetting those naturally concurring ecosystems.

We would rather encourage you to do your own research, and if you feel the same way as us, then support the responsible farming of seaweed instead.

For a more detailed breakdown on this topic, take a look at the article What is Wildcrafted Sea Moss? Is it Good for Our Planet?

How much truth is there behind the wildcrafting means better nutritional value story is there? We take a look at some of the potential challenges that the wildcrafted is best story faces.

But I’ve never heard of Wildcrafting, what is it?

Wildcrafting is a romantic ideology, and it served a purpose before we started to see the advent of food production on a global commercial scale.

Wildcrafting is also known as foraging. On a smaller scale, where individuals are wildcrafting, or foraging for themselves, the impact is lower.

But there is still an impact, which is why many marine parks, coastal reserves, and biospheres are protected. Everything in these places play a part in sustaining life.

Some seaweed that is wildcrafted is taken away from rocky shores and reefs that depend upon it being there to keep the structure of that environment in place. It is also a key part of the food supply and the habitat in which microorganisms live.

We get that it’s nice to embrace the idea of the food that you consume is as natural as possible. And the idea of it being freshly collected from a pristine beach can make you feel warm and fuzzy, but at what cost?

Instead, the approach that responsible Farmers take is to allow the species of seaweed that naturally grow in the waters that they do to flourish.

Techniques such as those used in China’s Yellow Sea have helped to improve the quality of the waters to such a state that shellfish have been able to grow again in abundance. Yet, pollution levels this far north in the waters off the coast Vietnam still present concerns for many.

The returning sea life is a good sign, and it is a given that more seaweed is much better for the planet than less seaweed. These are the forests of the ocean after all.

Given the choice, would you prefer your seaweed to come from a place like that shown in the image below? Or from a seaweed farm that is run by responsible operators who care about the world they are leaving for the next generation?

How do I know it’s not Fake?

This can seem to be a tricky topic, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, it really isn’t. Through our experience and working with Seaweed Farmers we have accumulated quite a bit of ‘hands on’ understanding of how things work.

Spotting fake Sea Moss is really easy once you know what you are looking for. We’ve put together these simple tips to help you identify this for yourself. Check out our guide on how to spot fake Sea Moss which covers the most common things to look for.

If you are new to the world of seaweed want to take a deeper dive into this topic, we have the perfect starting point. Take a look at our 2020 Ultimate Sea Moss Guide for more. 

Is Irish Moss Seaweed Carrageenan?

The short answer is ‘No’.

Unfortunately, this seaweed seems to have been caught up in the crossfire of the ‘Is Carrageenan bad for you?‘ discussion over recent years.

To say that Irish Moss Seaweed is Carrageenan is like saying that Coconuts are Hydrogenated Oils. It’s simply not the case.

However, Chondrus Crispus has been used as a source of Carrageenan in the past. Eucheuma Cottonii has more recently been used to extract Carrageenan on a commercial scale for quite some time now.

To be crystal clear about this, Irish Moss Seaweed is not Carrageenan.

It has been used in the past to extract Carrageenan, but according to manufacturers, there are more favorable species of seaweed looked to for Carrageenan today.

The seaweeds that are harvested specifically for Carrageenan on a commercial scale includes:

While the most valuable sources of Carrageenan production are found in:

These are very different species to Chondrus Crispus, Gracilaria and Eucheuma Cottonii which are more popularly known as Irish Moss, or Sea Moss.

Chondrus Crispus – grows in cooler waters
Eucheuma Cottonii and Gracilaria – grows in warmer waters

Often during harvesting Mastocarpus stellatus is collected with Chondrus Crispus and is sold under the name ‘Carrageen’, which is an Irish diminutive of ‘rock’. This species is also very different to the commercially refined product Carrageenan.

As the cataloging of seaweed species gets better, and there is more research in the area of marine vegetables, our collective understanding is also improving.

This has seen a literal branching off of species into newer species, and genus into different genus.

With the re-categorization of the seaweed world as we know it, the metaphoric waters are becoming progressively clearer (or so it seems).

So, although Irish Moss Seaweed has been referred to as ‘Carrageen’ over the years, it is not Carrageenan. Carrageenan is isolated and manufactured from seaweed and sold as a powder. It is not a nutrient dense wholefood.

What can you use Irish Moss Seaweed in?

As a very versatile product, this seaweed is able to be prepared easily in any kitchen before it is added to a range or recipes, even Vegan Poached Eggs!

What it does for smoothies is simply amazing. Are smoothies healthy? With Irish Moss added to them, they are more than healthy!

One of our other favorites to add this seaweed to is the Red Velvet Cake that we make at home, which is great for anyone who is looking for a cake that is:

  • Raw
  • Sugar Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free, and
  • Vegan

I know it sounds strange, putting seaweed into a cake, but as a wholefood, this is a great thickener to the recipe, and it is an abundant source of vitamins, minerals, and collagen stimulation. It also goes really well in our Vegan Chocolate Avocado Mousse.

It has a neutral color when re-hydrated and prepared into a gel or paste. You should taste how it makes our Mint Panna Cotta come out!

But what about the smell? Isn’t it pungent? When it has been properly washed and soaked this seaweed has virtually no taste. Certainly nothing remotely fishy or salty, which is what many people assume when they first learn about using seaweed in their food.

That being said, if you are ultra sensitive to taste and smell, the natural variations that you will encounter with any seaweed will possibly mean you’ll smell or taste something at some stage.

We also have a French Toast recipe that’s Vegan which we add this amazing seaweed to. As a weekend treat, it is something I spring out of bed for like when I was a child and I knew that my favorite cerial was in the kitchen.

But maybe you’re not such a sweet tooth. That’s ok, we’ve got you covered with some delicious savory options like a 2 Avocado Guacamole, or even Broccoli Fried Rice.

Making Irish Moss Gel

As a raw food, this is so simple to make. We have a routine that we follow which we use to keep the vibrational values of our seaweed as intact as possible. By following these simple steps, you can have a fresh batch of raw Irish Moss gel within a couple of days.

This is able to be kept in the fridge and used in a broad range of foods. To avoid the common issues that we hear from people, we have put together a series of articles that include considering:

  • Correct washing of your Irish Moss Seaweed
  • Soaking your seaweed
  • Blending the right volume and for long enough, and
  • Suitable storage

Using Irish Moss Gel in Foods

Keeping things as close to raw as possible, particularly when using this gel, there are a few things that this works very nicely in.

One option that we find is asked for when we have guests over is our home made chai. Adding some of our freshly blended gel to a cup of chai is a hit.

Our spicy seaweed chai has been something of a guarded secret, until now. So we’re happy to share just how we make our Irish Moss Tea with you.

What are the benefits of Seaweed?

Seaweeds like Irish Moss bring a range of benefits to the table. The great thing is that many of us can easily see improvements in our quality of life from simply adding these to our routine.

As an alkaline food source they can help the body to improve the pH balance. There are many Researchers who have identified that an alkaline diet is beneficial to good health, and that this may well be the key to addressing a range of medical issues we currently face.

There has been interesting research conducted which suggests that certain seaweeds which contain Fucoxanthin have shown positive signs in supporting a healthier functioning digestive system.

The findings of the research conducted by a Japanese team indicates that Fucoxanthin stops the body from absorbing unwanted fats. This could be great news for people who struggle with losing or maintaining weight.

For some yummy juices that you can add Irish Moss Seaweed to, take a look at 5 of our favorite weight loss juices and a break down on what we believe the best weight loss juice recipe looks like.

Long time proponent of fasting and eating a plant based diet, Doctor Sebi also advocated introducing sea moss into the diet.

Although there is no record of his knowing about Fucoxanthin, at the age of 80 he demonstrated how much of a difference this had made to his health where he dropped to his knees on a solid floor in front of a large audience.

Such a display would normally leave a person of 80 years with extensive damage to their knees. So much so that that they would very likely be unable to get back up. But, Doctor Sebi sprung back to his feet as if nothing had happened.

But it’s not just Fucoxanthin that helps with good gut health. Irish Moss helps to support a range of factors in digestion that promote good gut function. One point of interest is the prebiotic function that it can fulfill in providing a food source for your gut bacteria.

This is all through the long chain polysaccharides found in some seaweeds. Without a good source of gut food, the gastrointestinal microbiota will turn on your digestive system and cause all sorts of complications.

Interestingly, it was Lisa Nicole (Left Eye) Lopes who Doctor Sebi credits with his learning about Irish Moss Seaweed when he was given an Irish Moss drink by her during a bonding moment they shared while she was fasting with him.

Lisa spoke publicly about her beliefs on the benefits of fasting with this seaweed. It was these views that Sebi embraced and then made his own. There are numerous benefits that can be found when fasting on seaweed. The key is to follow a process that will make it easier for you, particularly if it is your first time.

I find that breaking the fast with a Irish Moss smoothie helps me transition back into sold food over a period of time. Keeping the Irish Moss seaweed front and center is really important to me.

A spike in interest in this seaweed, and Dr. Sebi’s message was seen with the reports behind the 2019 shooting of Nipsey Hussle. As a result, there was also a spike in the number of people looking in to the Doctor Sebi death in custody, and what his approach to health meant.

A sad occurrence, but one that has woken people up and is increasing interest in learning about health and nutrition again.

How Irish Moss Seaweed Supports Good Mental Health

Understood to contain 92 different minerals that the body needs for a healthy functioning body, Irish Moss seaweed has been attributed to supporting healthy brain activity and cognitive functioning.

Researchers have gone so far as to say that by having a reliable supply of iodine that conditions associated with mental health such as anxiety and depression can be reduced.

Keep in mind that seaweed, as a natural source of iodine, is not consistent. It will fluctuate in iodine levels from (non-vascular) plant to plant.

There is an abundance of anecdotal evidence which suggests that eating seaweed regularly can help with healthy bodily functions. This alone we understand is not enough to be conclusive in the eyes of everyone, and there has been extensive studies done on the topic, yet more are needed.

In fact, studies have been completed by the University of Newcastle, the British Thyroid Association, and Chemists and Researchers at the Hokkaido University, just to name a few, on the various effects seaweed has on health.

The connections between food and mood are not superficial. As you look at the different types of preservatives and additives used in food, the chemical reactions these generate within the body impact on more than just your weight.

You are what you eat, and we have a number of articles on Detox and Cure which highlight the dangers presented by some additives and preservatives. These can be found in our Healthier Gut section.

Removing these, and replacing them with a consistent source of wholefoods, like Irish Moss Seaweed and other organic foods, will help ensure that you are getting a reliable supply of necessary nutrients. Some of the vitamins and minerals that help support effective brain function found in Irish Moss Seaweed include:

  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C, and
  • Vitamin D

Elements found under laboratory analysis of a typical sample of Irish Moss also contains trace elements of:

  • Beryllium
  • Chromium
  • Manganese
  • Cobalt
  • Zirconium
  • Niobium
  • Ruthenium
  • Rhodium
  • Silver
  • Antimony
  • Iodine
  • Cesium
  • Barium
  • Lanthanum
  • Cerium

Rich Omega 3 fatty acids have been found to support brain health. Sources of nutrient rich seaweed that contain Omega 3 fatty acids best come from those which are organic.

For these fatty acids to be unadulterated and intact, it is best to find a supplier of seaweed that has not been treated with chemicals, baked, or processed. The benefits of eating dried seaweed far outweigh processed seaweed or supplements.

Our seaweed is of the highest grade, and produced ethically by responsible Seaweed Farmers who do not use harmful chemicals or fertilizers in their cultivation or processing practices.

Irish Moss Seaweed and Pregnancy

The health benefits of having seaweed while you are pregnant is something that requires careful consideration. Some people can have reactions to different foods, and there are other factors to consider such as the possible presence of contaminants.

Some minerals, while they are extremely important for the growth and development of your baby, will need to be treated with care. Too much of one thing can cause complications just as easily as too little of something else which is also important.

Irish Moss seaweed has an abundance of minerals and vitamins that can support a healthy pregnancy, and give your baby many of the nutrients it needs to develop fully.

It has been found to help women with a number of stages in their pregnancy including:

  • Providing the required nutrients to support the baby’s development
  • Supporting good digestive health and reducing gut issues for the mother
  • Preventing thyroid dysfunction through hormone production being better supported
  • Reducing the occurrence of muscle and joint and pain that can arise as the baby draws much needed nutrients from the mother’s body, and
  • Improving the mother’s ability to lactate more effectively through helping to increase the natural milk supply

There are many more benefits to including seaweed in your diet while pregnant than those listed here.

We strongly encourage you to speak with your Doctor or Dietitian before making changes to any plan or diet you may already be on.

The health of yourself and your baby need to be at the forefront of your mind before you choose to make any particular seaweed a part of your diet.

Taking a Holistic Approach

I can recall a long time ago a friend who was studying to be a Naturopath reminded me that looking healthy is not just about what you put on your skin.

Her point was that balanced diet and the right sources of vitamins and minerals needed to be considered. She also spoke at length about the benefits of alkaline foods.

In the words of wisdom she shared with me there was another subtle dimension that I had not picked up on at the time. What we consume is important, however, our overall state at the time is just as important, if not more important.

Returning to a point made earlier about mood and food being connected there was something important here. Alkalizing your thoughts, emotions, and energy.

This can be done easily with other complimentary therapies such as:

Understandably, these are only a few of the different ways that you can balance yourself, but what do they have to do with seaweed? Everything!

If you prepare your Irish Moss as we suggest, it is not cooked and has all of the possible energetic properties needed to nourish your body, both physical and energetic.

Seaweed is a high vibrational food which can do more for you when it is raw, and not boiled or roasted.

If you give your body what it needs both nutritionally and energetically, you will notice a dramatic difference compared to when you don’t.

Many people are noticing a shift in consciousness and an awakening to this understanding. As a high vibrational food, Irish Moss seaweed supports being able to take steps towards a raw plant based diet, and a higher level of consciousness.

Irish Moss Seaweed as a Preventative Measure

I believe that the body has all that it needs to heal itself of illness, given the right conditions. Everything mentioned here so far is about being congruent with your true self.

From making choices for reasons that are important to you right through to simply eating well, exercising, or taking some time out. It all makes up what influences your inner and outer existence.

Preventative measures in health care are more effective than treatment though prescription medication, in my opinion.

Given my foundation of belief as influenced by the teachings of my Grandmother, I believe that there are more natural remedies for ailments on this planet than we currently understand.

As we learn more about ocean farming and the responsible harvesting of crops from the sea, we will discover that we unlock a whole new world of health and wellness.

Seaweed as a wholefood can work wonders through providing support to your body in ways that you may never have noticed you needed before.

As a source of potassium chloride (CIK), Irish Moss seaweed helps to break down mucous, and dissolve phlegm and catarrhs which helps in reducing inflammation experienced in the mucous membrane.

If you are suffering from congestion, Irish Moss is a very effective natural expectorant. When coupled with Elderberry Syrup you have an ancient natural remedy that has been relied upon for generations.

Combining Irish Moss Seaweed with Other Seaweeds

Irish Moss can be combined with other types of seaweed to work as a part of a nutrient dense strategy towards better health. Most popularly, sea moss is combined with Bladderwrack.

Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosus) is believed to contain the remaining 10 minerals that Irish Moss Seaweed does not contain. So, in combination, these two are apparently capable of delivering the full 102 minerals found in the human body.

Now that’s powerful and impressive! Irish Moss is not limited to being combined with Bladderwarck, it is also very easily combined with other seaweeds like:

  • Dulse
  • Duck Foot (Gracilaria Veleroae)
  • Nori
  • Sea Grapes, and
  • Kelp

Using various seaweeds as a part of your post workout routine can help you get the needed minerals and vitamins back in your body in a way it can assimilate them.

Remember to make sure that you’re also consuming a source of Vitamin C to help with mineral absorption.

Irish Moss Seaweed for Younger Looking Skin

While we are still close to being on the topic of babies, it seems appropriate to point out that many of us are on the quest for younger looking skin.

Irish Moss Seaweed is a source of collagen stimulation that ticks the boxes for more than just Vegans.

The fact that this is a plant based source of collagen stimulation aside, this particular source of collagen is able to be absorbed into the body more effectively than any animal based collagen.

Looking amazing no longer needs to be detrimental to animals, or the planet.

As a high quality source of nutrient value to support the production of collagen type 1 and collagen type 3, seaweed has been used by many to achieve stunning results including:

  • Stimulating natural production of collagen
  • Supporting the skin’s elastin through naturally thickening and reducing the rate of breakdown
  • Improving hydration and rejuvenation
  • Reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and smoothing out fine lines, and
  • Improving your skin tone

After using a salve ointment on a suspicious looking spot I treated the area topically with Irish Moss Gel and noticed more than just a quick recovery.

There were noticeable improvements in skin tone and firmness. This topical treatment was nothing more than dried Irish Moss that had been soaked, washed, and blended into a gel.

No preservatives or chemicals used, just seaweed and filtered alkalized water.

Seaweed: A Vegan Source of Collagen Stimulation

Being aware that as we get older the effects of age will begin to make themselves known to us isn’t something that any of us really look forward to.

Now, I’m not just talking about the visible effects of looking older, but the physical impacts of progressive biological deterioration. Sorry to sound so clinical about it, but that’s just where we are at, being living organic creatures.

As we get older, typically our cells reproduce at much slower rates, and less effectively. We lose certain healing abilities we had when we were younger.

This is normally the result of diet and lifestyle choices in many cases. As more and more people transition to becoming Vegan, there are newer challenges faced with sourcing certain things which are needed in any diet.

One such thing is collagen. Feeling fit and looking younger doesn’t need to be something we pursue to the determent of the planet, or any living creatures on it.

At Detox and Cure we are committed to supporting cultivation practices that are environmentally sustainable, community focused, and cruelty free. A Vegan source of collagen stimulation is not a myth, and you can feel good about where it is being sourced from.

Creating your own organic marine collagen norishing gel from seaweed is easy to do, and it is able to be absorbed by your skin with no nasty additives.

This has to be the most efficient method of delivering collagen stimulating nourishment to your skin ever!

We have been using seaweed to make our own gel for a while now and I have been using this every night. With consistent use you will see amazing results such as:

  • Collagen levels in your skin being naturally stimulated
  • Younger looking skin that is rejuvenated and hydrated
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and
  • Improved complexion, texture, and skin tone

Accelerating the rejuvenation and renewal of your skin’s youthful beauty possible through making Irish Moss seaweed a regular part of your day. In the Instagram posts shown above you’ll see a before and after comparison of the effects of Irish Moss Gel on my skin.

None of these images have been Photoshopped to take out any wrinkles or fine lines. This is all from drinking and eating Irish Moss every day, and applying it topically every night.

Collagen and Elastin Matrix

These results were achieved through the high concentration of natural collagen stimulating properties in the seaweed. The amount of collagen type one and collagen type three supporting nutrients in Irish Moss is powerful.

Try making your own Sea Moss Face Mask with Spirulina and Turmeric. The results from this are impressive!

Keeping your body in good condition through including a reliable source of collagen supporting compounds is nothing short of beneficial.

A very well known protein, collagen has been recognized in the health and cosmetics industries for quite some time.

Seaweed is nothing short of being an impressive collagen stimulant source for Vegans. And as it is a marine vegetable that grows to a harvestable size in a short time frame, it is a reliable and renewable crop.

Growing easily in abundance with no need for human intervention, it does a lot to help support healthier oceans.

Why you Need Irish Moss Gel

Typically, collagen makes up about 75% of the foundational structure of your skin, and when collagen levels begin to diminish this shows up as fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s been estimated that collagen deteriorates at a rate of approximately 1.5% to 2% each year once you have passed the age of 20.

When we were little children we were blessed with having a naturally abundant supply of collagen type 3 within our bodies. Now you know why babies and little kids aren’t covered in fine lines and wrinkles like people who are older.

As you mature, your body’s ability to heal and recover slows down, growing begins to slow, and collagen levels start to drop off.

When you were younger your skin used to contain higher levels of collagen type 3, but this began to decline with age.

Somewhere back in your early teenage years, there was a biological shift that occurred where your body moved from producing collagen type 3 to producing collagen type 1.

Until you reach the age of approximately 20, collagen type 1 levels typically increase in your body.

At the age of appropriately 20 your skin reaches its natural peak strength. From there on the levels of collagen type 1 start to depreciate as the natural decline takes place.

By taking Irish Moss Seaweed, you are actively adding collagen to your body. This helps your skin by providing a basis for the elastin to be more effectively distributed, and as a result you look younger.

The introduced collagen also helps to stimulate the renewal and synthesis of collagen fibers in the dermis.

This seaweed has a high volume of naturally occurring plant based collagen which is suitable for Vegans. This is fundamental to supporting not just skin health, but the health of organs, bones, connective tissue, hair and more. Many people have also recently discovered Moringa for similar reasons too.

Connective Tissue

Irish Moss Seaweed FAQs

Have you recently discovered Irish Moss seaweed? Are you looking to learn more about this amazing marine vegetable and how you can make it a part of your daily routine? Come with us as we guide you through some of the questions that we have been asked about Irish Moss, such as:

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